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May 1, 2009

Black Money & How Congress shot itself in the foot!

Here are some articles on Black money in the swiss banks.

Swiss black money can take India to top by Professor Vaidyanathan & Swiss money: Congress calls Advani a liar.After this, the Election Strategist Channel of Congress, NDTV,had published an article ‘Black money: A Swiss snub for Advani’.

Then the Swiss Bankers Association in its attempt to protect its clients(Read Sonia & Co) has said ‘Black money issue “good election fodder”: Swiss Bankers Assn’ which no one was ready to believe.This news also appeared in ESC of Congress, NDTV.Professor Vaidyanathan also questioned about the debate on black money or lack of it on 24×7 news channels – ‘Illegal Indian money in tax havens: The way we debate it’.When all the 24×7 channels are wagging their tails loyally to Congress, no one had ever expected this issue would boomerang them.Instead of having a public debate on the strategies to be followed to bring back the people’s money to India, they are trying to wag the dog by performing all these stunts.

S Gurumurhty,Convenor of Swadeshi Jagran Manch in an interview with rediff has said –  ‘In 5 years, Indians stashed Rs 688,000 cr illegally’ and he has also put the last nail in the coffin exclusively made for Sonia & Co by this article ‘Who will probe first family’s billions?’

April 19, 2009

EC blocks BJP ad on dirty money – Another Dirty Sycophant of Congress!!

It is national shame that EC which is supposed to be unbiased and neutral in its stand,has blocked this attempt to create awareness among people.Thus EC is attempting to keep people of India ignorant.Not many people realise the necessity to bring back the black money if it is not shown in TV.The impact is less when compared with newspapers.By doing so, the EC has violated the freedom of expression.Here is news excerpts.Source : TOI.

BJP on Saturday looked all set to raise its ante higher on its theme for bringing back the black money stashed by Indians abroad after BJP leader L K Advani addresses a media gathering. The Election Commission restrained it from showing a 15-second audio visual spot that was produced to be part of the party’s campaign. 

Party sources said that the EC declined the party the permission to run the clip on television and on other visual media, on the ground that the shot of a “foreigner” receiving a briefcase from supposedly a corrupt Indian was not in good taste. But that is what the truth is.When did Switzerland and India become one?FYI..People in Swiss & Liechestein are white in color.This commercial is about Indian Money in the hands of Swiss bank authorities.Isn’t it?Oh..Are you coming to say that the receiver also has to be an Indian.May be Sonia can do that role?She has become an Indian now.What do you say?

Those involved in making the film, however, alleged a hidden agenda, saying that the `foreigner’ was integral to the theme of money being spirited away by the corrupt in the country. Source said that the party was completely baffled by the decision and was planning to take up the issue. Eversince the black money issue has been raised in the G20, the congress honchos have been suffering nervous breakdown.It is no wonder, Naveen Chawla being a sycophant of congress, has objected to this.But the treatment for his nervous breakdown is, he has to sever ties with congress honchos.Is it too much to ask, Chawla?

The film on black money was one of the five 15-second spots that had been submitted to the EC for approval as campaign material to be launched by the party in the second phase of elections. As P Chidambaram has done U turn on Kandahar issue, the EC has done the same thing.Are you guys compaigning for congress under the garb of EC?Can you be more sane?

BJP has been raising the issue of repatriation of black money stacked away abroad in Swiss banks and other tax havens, at a time when an international consensus has emerged favouring disclosure of identity of those having secret accounts with Swiss banks and in tax havens, and for repatriating the money back to the countries hard hit by the economic slump. When other countries are looking out for ways to get their people’s money back, here in India, our EC is objecting to create awareness among masses.Sonia and Congress will be very happy to keep the people of India in perpetual poverty.

BJP’s campaign plank has attracted an angry response from Congress which has tried to mock the party by referring to the allegations of corruption against party leaders. Congress has accused the party of indulging in gimmickry, and said that bringing money back would not be possible except in specific cases where the request was backed by specific evidence. 

That has, however, not deterred the BJP, particularly L K Advani who on Friday substantiated his case by releasing documents. While BJP’s prime ministerial candidate led the campaign on black money repatriation, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi kept up the momentum by holding a opinion poll on the issue in every Lok Sabha constituency in the state last week. Has any other congress neta done this?Will Karunanidhi,Lalu,Mulayam,Mayawati,Arjun Singh dare to do this?

Advani has been speaking about the issue at each one of about 70 campaign rallies he has addressed so far, to ensure the issue does not die out. 

Meanwhile, the CPM on Saturday questioned Advani’s promise to bring back black money from foreign banks, charging the erstwhile NDA government with diluting relevant laws and making way for money being illegally transferred out of India to tax havens. Is CPM not aware that Congress has ruined (Misnomer:ruled) this country for 60 years and the most of the money was stashed away before the NDA period?Are you guys real communists?

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