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March 22, 2010

Congress & Austerity

An RTI query filed by activist Ramesh Verma has revealed the Delhi government alone spent Rs 2 crore in print advertisement featuring Congress party President Sonia Gandhi.

Half-page advertisement in an English newspaper cost the Delhi government about Rs 30 lakh. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti another advertisement whopping Rs 31 lakh.

Sonia Gandhi, the leader of All India Corrupt Congress

In fact the Haryana government showed their gratitude to Soniaji by printing thank you advertisement in not one but five different newspapers on the same date.The opposition is crying foul at all these party propaganda at the tax payers expense.

“She (Sonia Gandhi) is the Party President, but if she becomes an integral part of official advertisements at taxpayers money, it’s a really sad thing for our democracy,” said BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar.

Meanwhile, that doesn’t seem to bother Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dixit.“She is the UPA Chairperson and we have been doing it since so long. There is nothing wrong on it,” said Sheila Dixit.

However, the party’s central leadership also support the action.”She is the UPA Chairperson and the political guiding hand. So nothing wrong in it,” said Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natrajan.

The congress government’s austerity measures which were beautifully orchestrated some time ago, by travelling in cattle class flights,trains etc.. with full media attention and coverage have grabbed the attention of many people, glorifying Sonia & Rahul Baba as people friendly leaders.

The congress, the most corrupt party in India, since Independence, have not only looted and built their network on people’s money but also failed to protect people from external threats.

Source : IBN


June 15, 2009

Right to information takes lives

The corruption in India has been enforced from top to bottom in the governmental hierarchy. When your senior official has got corrupted, you have no choice but to do the illegal things and sooner or later get corrupted yourself.

A standard way to earn money has been asking money by causing delay in work. One would never know what stage your application is, and the file won’t proceed from one table to another, unless you have fed something under each table.

To bring transperancy, the RTI Act was passed. Right to information was considered a fundamental right for the first time.

Here is a blog totally dedicated to the RTI activity.

This is the Government’s official website for the Right to Information Act.

The official statement of the act is here. Notice that the Act is not valid in Jammu and Kashmir! If you want to know anything about J&K, you cannot use RTI which is valid for the rest of the India! J&K retains its secluded status in this matter also, giving free hand to the government there to do whatever they wish to, without being questioned about it.

So how much success has RTI Achieved? Well, many governmental institutions have started putting up a information portal and its open to public who would like to know.

How much safety do the applicants have, is a debatable issue. The pursuit to uncover scandals and black money frauds has taken many lives! Mr. Venkatesh was killed in Bangalore for using RTI to uncover land encroachment worth 30 crores.

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) is placed to give 100 days of guarranteed employment in villages. Its one of the employees doing a social audit was killed in Ranchi.

The Act promises information in maximum 30 days and in 2 days in case of emergency matters. However, it is delayed at times, as in the case of this RTI activist waiting for 14 months for information related to mining works.

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