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November 25, 2009

‘60 years after, our borders aren’t safe’

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday said that India was unable to make its borders safe even after 60 years of Independence due to constant meddling of its neighbours– Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.

Addressing a public rally here on his first visit to the state after taking over the reins of the RSS, Bhagwat said India had been extending a hand of friendship with these countries, but they were trying everything to destabilise India. As a result, the security of the country has remained a major issue, he added.

On the internal front also, there was no peace.The growing menace of Naxalism, separatist movements have caused serious problems within.

Mohan Bhagwat,the RSS chief

Vote bank politics coupled with large-scale corruption, and money and muscle power, are hurting the country more, he said. “The lack of national pride is the root cause for this problem.” Indirectly referring to Maharashtra Navanirmana Samiti’s opposition to taking oath in Hindi in Maharashtra Assembly, Bhagwat said: “We have reached a stage where we don’t find anything wrong in taking oath in English but protest if somebody takes oath in national language.’’ “Locals get hurt when people from other places grab their employment opportunities. But it should not be the reason to destroy the national unity. Nothing is more important than the country’s unity,” he added.

Calling upon the Hindus to stay united, Bhagwat, stressed the need for the Hindu community to be more organised as it was necessary for the country and the world to be peaceful. “Wherever Hindus have reduced to minority, that country has suffered problems. Because Hinduism is the way of life which not only preaches national pride but also aspires for a society with good human qualities,” he added. Stating that the RSS was not against any community, Bhagwat called upon people to join it to know it better.

CM Yeddyurappa, Ministers Eshwarappa, Janardhan Reddy, Suresh Kumar, Murugesh Nirani, Shivanagouda Naik and BJP national general secretary H N Ananthkumar were present.

Visit not linked to rift in BJP’

Stating that the RSS does not interfere in BJP’s affairs, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday categorically denied reports which said that he had asked the state BJP leaders to mend their ways in the backdrop of recent dissident activities.

“I need not have to tour the country to teach anybody any lesson.

Only those who do not know about the RSS can draw such inferences,’’ Bhagawat said at the public meeting.

“My tour was planned by the RSS working committee immediately after I took over as the RSS chief and it is the practice in RSS that whoever takes over as its chief will tour all states to meet and interact with the people,’’ he said.

BSY gets praise for Tiruvalluvar statue

Bhagwat heaped praises on Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa for his initiative to end the decades-old rivalry between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over installing Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar’s statue in Bangalore.

“I think this is the first such step in Independent India that two states came forward to settle the decadesold problem by mutual agreement,” the Sarsanghachalak said.

November 4, 2009

BSY still the boss, here is why

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From Bangalore Mirror:

Despite pressure to unseat him, BSY remains firmly rooted as he enjoys support of BJP high command, the RSS as well as religious mutts.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has been caught up in a severe political storm kicked up by the Reddy brothers and a chunk of legislators in the last five days, threatening to sweep him off his feet (nay seat). Yet, Yeddyurappa has remained unscathed, all thanks to the BJP high command, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and scores of religious mutts across the state.

Yeddurappa, the Karnataka CM

Yeddurappa, the Karnataka CM

The question being asked in political circles is: Why is the high command sticking with Yeddyurappa when the mining barons are adamant on his exit?

Bangalore Mirror explains the nitty-gritties involved.

LOSS OF IMAGE: It does not take much time for the high command to appease the Reddy brothers, but the price it will pay will be too much. A hardcore BJP man said, “Ours is a cadre-based party and we will be sending a wrong message to the workers by dumping Yeddyurappa, who has slogged for the party for more than three decades. We will be telling everyone that hardwork and commitment takes a backseat before money-bags by asking Yeddyurappa to go. BJP will be considered a loser by both its workers as well as the opposition parties, something it can’t afford at a time when the party is trying to up its popularity.

PAYBACK TIME: Though money-bags have been holding the government to ransom, RSS and Lingayat mutts have stepped in to support Yeddyurappa as it is time for some ‘reverse favour’. The mutts and other temples, which had been neglected by the previous governments, have been beneficiaries of the funds released by Yeddyurappa in his two budgets. These bodies have also received large tracts of land and benefited from government schemes. Not standing by Yeddyurappa’s side in his hour of crisis is doing ‘gross injustice’ to him, goes the talk in RSS and mutt circles.

TAMING THE MONSTER: Though the Reddy brothers claim they helped the party to victory by pumping in money during elections, many in the BJP felt they were turning out to be a ‘Frankenstein’ monster for the party. “Lobbies normally operate from outside the government, but in BJP’s case, the mining lobby became a part of the government,” said BJP’s Bangalore North MP D B Chandre Gowda. “The Reddy brothers have already displayed how ruthless they can get, they need to be stopped. In the party, only Yeddyurappa is capable of controlling them,” say BJP insiders.

REDDYS LOSING TURF: The Reddy brothers are no longer as powerful as they were two years ago. A pointer to this was the recent parliamentary elections where their candidates managed to win with a thin margin. BJP candidate J Shanthi from the Reddy group, managed to win by just 2,000 votes in Bellary, considered the stronghold of the Reddys. “There is a huge chunk of Lingayat population in each of the constituencies represented by the Reddy triumvirate and attacks on Yeddyurappa will only weaken their base. Moreover, the lack of political finesse among Reddy brothers has given them an image of an ‘arrogant lot and ‘fighter cocks in their home district. Allowing them to lead the party will prove disastrous in the long-run. Instead, it will be wise to continue with Yeddyurappa,” claim BJP insiders.

THE AFTER-EFFECTS: Will Yeddyurappa sit quietly after he is removed? That is a question that haunts the BJP more these days. Given the fact that he has succeeded in consolidating the Lingayat community, the after-effects of removing him could spell doom for the party. Moreover, he too has supporters in the BJP camp as he enjoys an umbilical-cord relationship with him as he has been there in the party since the beginning. An ordinary RSS or BJP worker would see Reddy brothers as mere businessmen. Moreover, removing Yeddyurappa will also allow the opposition parties to go high decibel in labelling the BJP as ‘a party with indiscipline’ and will lead to future threats (as both the UPA government and Governor H R Bhardwaj are monitoring the developments).

MLAS’ GROUSE IS MINOR: The BJP head-honchos are of the strong opinion that the current tussle is because of an ego clash between Yeddyurappa and the Reddys and the MLAs have no major reason to complain. “MLAs are with the Reddy brothers now because of cash, but there are many miners from Bellary who are capable of mobilising over Rs 1,000 crore in an hour’s time to save Yeddyurappa. The MLAs will come around as the grassroots-level BJP does not support them in the fight against Yeddyurappa,” BJP sources felt.

Shobha vs Shantha

Women’s wrestling has acquired a new dimension in Karnataka. While the CM is fighting it out with the Reddy brothers, another faction is giving them some competition. Shobha Karandlaje, the lone woman minister in the Karnataka government, has been accused of being the root cause of all trouble by K Shantha, sister of Health Minister Sreeramulu and Bellary MP. Not the one to take accusations lightly, Shobha has also lashed out.

At a press conference at Bellary, Shantha said: “In the government, Shobha is acting as the second CM and it is because of her attitude that MLAs have rebelled against the government. For all the dissatisfaction, she is the root cause.” She charged Shobha with triggering confusion in the party.

Though the CM jumped to Shobha’s defence by describing her as a ‘hard worker and efficient minister’, Shobha herself later hit back with a poser: “Where have I gone wrong that I should give resignation? Let them point out my shortcomings. I believe only one or two MLAs are conspiring against me and the media’s projection that most of the MLAs area against me is incorrect.”

CM passes on ‘jinxed’ Muzrai ball

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is making the rounds of various mutts and temples for ‘divine intervention’ to solve the current political crisis. But, he is in no mood to show the same interest while dealing with ‘God’s portfolio’.

In a surprise move on Saturday evening, the CM transferred the Muzrai portfolio to Home Minister Dr V S Acharya. Sources said the move “was a result of an astrologer’s advice, who said Yeddyurappa’s problems were mounting because he was holding the Muzrai portfolio.”

Muzrai has been a jinxed ministry for the ministers of Karnataka. From Vasanth Saliana to Nagaraja Shetty, whoever handled the portfolio tasted defeat in subsequent elections. In the current government, the then Muzrai minister Krishnaiah Shetty had to give up the ministry to accommodate V Somanna. It was not lucky for Somanna either, as he later lost miserably to a political novice in Govindarajanagar.

Ever since Somanna’s exit, Yeddyurappa was holding additional charge of Muzrai department and now, after the astrologer’s advice, he has hastilytransferred the ‘jinxed’ subject to his colleague.

September 3, 2009

Politics divide, culture unite – KS Sudarshan

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From ‘Oraganiser’ – Excerpts

An interesting and good initiative from RSS.A training camp was organised for Muslim Rashtriya Manch in Raipur and RSS chief was present at the camp addressing the trainees.

“British had divided the Muslims and the Hindus for their political endgame. We must understand that politics divides while the culture unites,” said Shri KS Sudarshan, former Sarsanghachalak of RSS. He was addressing a gathering of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch activists assembled at a training camp in Raipur on June 7. Workers from 15 states of the country participated in the camp. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and RSS National Executive Member Shri Indresh Kumar also addressed the workers.

Shri Sudarshan asked the workers to spread the message of love and peace in the society and appealed to them to remember that they share the same ancestors, culture and traditions with their Hindu brothers. He also urged them to feel the unity in diversity and experience the inherent unity of mankind in the light of Islam and its tenets of peace and brotherhood.

He said that in true sense the Parsis, Jews and Anglo-Indians are minorities in India. The Muslims did not come from outside India and belonged to this land. They might have changed their way of worship some centuries, generations ago, but they share same ancestors, culture and traditions with the Hindus. He said if Islam means peace then how cruelty had entered into it? He said when religion ties itself with imperialism then it becomes violent. All sorts of bad qualities creep into it and it loses its original character.

Speaking at the inaugural session Shri Indresh Kumar stressed on the origin and progress of the Manch. He said apart from organising many successful events the Manch gave a clarion call to stop cow slaughter and its progeny, which forms the basis of agriculture-based economy. The Manch activists collected five lakh signatures of Muslims from all provinces and when a delegation of the Manch met the Vice-President Hamid Ansari and submitted its demand for banning the cow slaughter, he said he had no objection in getting the law passed by the government, but the demand should come at least from 15 lakh Muslims of the country. The Manch immediately accepted the challenge and promised that they would bring 15 lakh signatures to the government soon. Meanwhile, the Deoband Madrasa came out with a fatwa forbidding Muslims to kill cows and oxen on Id or other occasions. He said the Darul Ulum also issued a fatwa saying that Hindus cannot be kafirs because kafirs are those who do not believe in God. The Hindus believe in God and as such they cannot be described as kafirs.

Outlining the future programmess of the Manch Shri Indresh Kumar said from August 9 to 15 the Manch would observe Tiranga Lehrao-Atank Bhagao week all over the country. During this week the Manch would unfurl the tricolor at public places and would take oath to fight against terrorism. To pay tributes to the martyrs of 26/11 terrorist attacks on its first anniversary, the Manch will organise a massive rally in Mumbai on November 25 and will commit itself to thwart the terrorists’ designs to destabilise India.

During the Ramzan period the Manch workers will organise plantation drive to save environment and control pollution under the slogan Pradushan Bhagao, Paryavaran Bachao. Shri Indresh Kumar said so far the Manch work has spread to 22 states and there are 15 full time workers. The Manch has decided to concentrate on students and women wings and will shortly organise national level convention of students and women. He also declared the new national team of the Manch. In the new team, Shri Tanveer Ahmed is patron, Shri Mohd Afzal and Shri Salabat Khan are national convenors, Shri Girish Jyual is organising secretary and Shri Umer Iliyasi will look after the work of public relations.

June 18, 2009

History Retold

An article worth reading from the Frontline magazine.  The source is here.

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