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March 3, 2010

ISI protecting IM founder Riyaz Bhatkal in Karachi

The attempts by the Pune police probing the February 13 German Bakery blast to track Riyaz Bhatkal may prove futile, since there is confirmation now that the founder of the Indian Mujahideen is safely ensconed in Karachi.

A police officer from Hyderabad, who is currently interrogating Ahmed Khwaja, a Lashkar-e-Tayiba militant currently in custody of Hyderbad police, told that Bhatkal is in Karachi.

The official said that Khwaja was also questioned in-depth regarding the Pune blast, but he did not appear to know much about the plot.

Riyaz Bhatkal, the terrorist

“He has details of the Indian Mujahideen operatives and says that there are three key persons who control the IM. Bhatkal and Mohsin Chaudhary head the India operations, but they report directly to a man by the name Aamir Raza, who is a Pakistani national,” the officer said.

Khwaja also revealed that Bhatkal, who stayed in Dubai for a considerable amount of time, was asked to shift base to Pakistan at the insistence of the Inter Services Intelligence.

Indian Mujahideen

Bhatkal is a high-profile personality for them, and he is being protected by the ISI. Sources in the Intelligence Bureau told that Bhatkal holds the key, and nabbing him would help crack the entire IM network in India.

The IB further adds that they have got information that Bhatkal has been housed under the protection of the ISI at the high-security Defence Enclave in Karachi, which show his importance for the ISI..

Karachi plot

The IB says that the interrogation of Khwaja and Shahzad (who was picked up by the Delhi police from Azamgarh, UP in connection with the Batla House case) have made one thing clear and that is the ISI was not planning on launching attacks in India with its Pakistan and Afghanistan based cadres.

Both Shahzad and Khwaja were aware of the Karachi plot (IB had sounded off a warning pertaining to a terror plot that was being hatched in Pakistan to target several Indian cities), and during their interrogation, their bosses told them that they needed to gear up for this.

The IB says that this is a worrying factor since the ISI is roping in Indian operatives for this plot. They are setting up their network in India and most of the heads of the India-based terror groups have been told about this plot, so that when they plan on carrying out the attacks, there would be no problems with the logistics.

The ISI, which plans on carrying out the Karachi plot with the help of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Al Qaeda and the Harkat-ul-Jihadi-Islami, will depend on Indian operatives for logistics and also to ensure that they provide a safe passage into the country for their fidayeen fighters.

December 23, 2009

Bengaluru was the easiest to bomb – LeT

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After the serial bomb blasts that ripped Bangalore apart in 2008,one doesn’t have any choice other than questioning our intelligence department. LeT operative Naseer has confessed that Bangalore was the easiest to bomb. Hoping that is not the case now.

Rs 50,000 — That’s all it cost to execute the Bengaluru serial blasts in 2008, according to T Naseer, the Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative who is the prime accused in the case.

Bangalore Bomb blast

During his interrogation, Naseer, who was arrested recently on the Indo-Bangladesh border, told the police that local materials were used for the blasts and this ensured that costs were low.

Naseer further said they did not even have to pay for the explosives, detonators and also the timers. “We stole all these things from a shop in Kannur and assembled it by ourselves,” Naseer told interrogators.Money was only spent on housing cadres. “We found cheap accommodation on the outskirts of Bengaluru city,” he added. ‘Bengaluru was the easiest to bomb’.

Bomb blast in Madiwala

Naseer’s confession also reveals the poor security in Bengaluru. During his interrogation, he pointed out that they had first picked Chennai, but then decided against it, since the security was top notch there.

When they conducted a reccee in Bengaluru, they realised that security was poor and it would be easy to carry out a strike there.

He pointed out that they also had in mind that the growing status of Bengaluru. “In the Lashkar circles, Bengaluru is next to Mumbai and striking this city, where there is so much American investment, would give us a lot of publicity,” he told his interrogators.

“Moreover, I have been a regular visitor to this city along with (Indian Mujahideen co-founder) Riyaz Bhatkal, and the two of us know the terrain of this city very well,” Naseer said.

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September 1, 2009

Jihad is the “duty” of every Muslim and the “only path to heaven” says Riyaz Bhatkal

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Excerpts from the news about Riyaz Bhatkal appeared on News4U.

Riyaz Bhatkal, the alleged founder of Indian Mujahideen (IM), indoctrinated cadre of the terror outfit saying jihad is the “duty” of every Muslim and the “only path to heaven”.

Riyaz Bhatkal,founder of IM; Image courtesy - News4U

Riyaz Bhatkal,founder of IM; Image courtesy - News4U

Several arrested accused including Anik Sayyed, Dr Anwar Bhagwan and Akbar Chowdhari have said in their confessional statements that Riyaz and his brother Iqbal Bhatkal had taken regular lectures on Jihad and Quran.

“Jihad is the duty of every Muslim and the only path to heaven”, Bhatkal’s co-accused quoted him as saying.

The confessional statements of seven out of the 21 arrested members of IM were opened today by a special MCOCA court here and the copies were given to the other accused.

Arrested Indian Mujahideen; Image courtesy - Express India

Arrested Indian Mujahideen; Image courtesy - Express India

According to the statements, the Bhatkal brothers, who are still at large, had arranged a religious gathering ‘Urs’ in Bhatkal village in Karnataka in March 2007, where they were asked to practise Jihad.

“Two Maulanas, Shabir and Sultan were also present in the gathering and they spoke about Quran and ‘Hadis’. We were told that Jihad is the duty of every Muslim and it is a must for every true Muslim to practise Jihad to avenge atrocities meted out against fellowmen across the country,” Bhagwan has said in his statement.

The arrested IM members were shown CDs of Gujarat riots, 1992-93 Mumbai riots, and clippings of Iraq war and were told about the numerous deaths of Muslims.

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