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July 7, 2009

Triple eclipse interests rationals

Sri D. K. Hari has published a fantastic book combining Astronomy, History and Geography, Archeology and a huge literature survey (with Lots of color pictures!!) :-

The Triple Eclipse of 2009


Here is a news summarizing view of Historian and Astrophysicist.

An article has appeared on rediff here.

The book is available in divine shops of Art of Living and major book stalls in the city. You are welcome to read the book and then participate in the comments on above rediff article.

May 27, 2009

An advice not taken

Babri Masjid Ram Mandir was a national issue of tension some years ago. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar (henceforth Guruji in this article) had suggested some important feasible solutions. Having not taken into consideration, an opportunity for peace was lost.

It is sad that Prabhakar, leader of LTTE, is killed. Is this how we treat our political oppositions? Is there nothing like a peace treaty, an agreement of understanding?

In past there have been wars, for power, religion, territory, wealth – but they had a human corner. An opposition king was not brutally murdered (atleast in many cases). There would be a peace at the end of war.

What is the guarranty that another Prabhakar won’t be born?

Guruji had visited Srilanka 3 years ago. He talked with Prabhakar saying, “you think you are leading a freedom fight, but the world thinks you as a terrorist. All goals are not achieved by war, talk to government and come to a peaceful agreement.” And he told the government, “see, all wars are not won by power alone. There needs to be a dialog. You cannot make peace with a totally defeated enemy, you cannot make friends with them. So having shown the power, come to the talking terms.” Both did not listen. Prabhakar said, Guruji you don’t know politics, you do your teaching of meditation and all that. Government anyways wanted to wipe out LTTE totally.

By disagreeing to simple words of advice of the saint, the two parties have lost the chance, and lives of lakhs of people are devastated. Srilankan Government has lost all faith and concern of Tamils in India.

On the other hand, listening to Sri Sri, Gujjar agitation could be overcome, and peace was brokered between Raje and Gujjar.

There are numerous examples in the history, where prosperity has downed when the Kings ruled the country in consultation with the Guru s. Why so? Simply because one who is Ruler, looks for proper administration, and one who is reformer, looks for proper benefit for all. A Ruler without the guidance of reformers can become selfish, biased, corrupt. A Reformer without aid of Ruler finds it tough to bring a remarkable change in the Society.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had Swami Ramdas as his guiding mentor.

Chanakya was the guiding mentor of Chandragupta Mourya.

Buddha guided King Ashoka. And in much olden days, Krishna guided Pandavas and Vasishtha Rishi trained the King Rama.

Who are all the saints today in India and abroad? Its true that there have been a few frauds under the umbrella of sainthood, and it has been punished time and again. However, majority are good only. Why haven’t we heard of their works, their ideas for building a nation…

Rulers and Reformers in India need to join hands together.

May 11, 2009

History of Rama – I

Secularism simply means harmony between and equal rights to all the religions. Its color changed from that to pampering and appeasing the minority over the rest of the society, then to giving more rights to the minority with respect to majority, and now to hate and detest the majority in India. The sentiments have been hurt again and again. How dare the Indian government and national courts question the very existence of Rama, a righteous ruler who did exist few thousand years ago? How dare they mutilate and distort the history of our country? How long can we be blind and deaf to such nuisance under the name of secularism?

The hurt and pain that this pseudo secular government has caused to Hindu community is equivalent to what could be caused to a Christian or Muslim community if the existence of Jesus or Mohammad is questioned 5000 years from now.

If you don’t know about Rama, its your job to prove his non-existence, not someone’s job to prove his existence to you. It is your job to become aware of the history of India not someone else’s job to teach it to you.

Yes, as a student, if you come and ask, you are welcome. There are scriptures that detail the entire life history of Rama. Indian Scriptures clearly distinguish between Puranas and Itihasa. Puranas are moral stories, meant to convey a point in human values. Itihasa – means this is how it happened – it is the history. Ramayan and Mahabharat are Itihasa.

For the doubting thomas, here are some facts and learning values:-


We are talking about events that have happened here about 7000 years ago. In this much time duration, the geography, the culture and traditions have changed drastically. The only archeological evidence that has withstood the test of time, is the Rama Setu between India and Srilanka. This is similar to Dwarka, which got submerged under water, and hence got it preserved for an archeological study.

Read the entire text of this study of Archeology of Rama Setu

Check out why it got renamed to Adam’s bridge.

If you further download and read this report, you would notice that the details have been given for the bridge construction related to:-
• Foundation for the bridge
• Flat finished level
• Pore pressure concept to prevent damage to the structure from waves and water currents
• Linear alignment
• Leveraging of topography features to minimize effort and speed up the construction
Due to the passage of time of many millenia, sand has accumulated over this structure and what we are able to see now is mainly sand bars and shoals.

The bridge was a walking pathway as late as 1480. There was even a milk supply from Srilanka to Rameshwaram. For your further study.

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