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May 27, 2009

An advice not taken

Babri Masjid Ram Mandir was a national issue of tension some years ago. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar (henceforth Guruji in this article) had suggested some important feasible solutions. Having not taken into consideration, an opportunity for peace was lost.

It is sad that Prabhakar, leader of LTTE, is killed. Is this how we treat our political oppositions? Is there nothing like a peace treaty, an agreement of understanding?

In past there have been wars, for power, religion, territory, wealth – but they had a human corner. An opposition king was not brutally murdered (atleast in many cases). There would be a peace at the end of war.

What is the guarranty that another Prabhakar won’t be born?

Guruji had visited Srilanka 3 years ago. He talked with Prabhakar saying, “you think you are leading a freedom fight, but the world thinks you as a terrorist. All goals are not achieved by war, talk to government and come to a peaceful agreement.” And he told the government, “see, all wars are not won by power alone. There needs to be a dialog. You cannot make peace with a totally defeated enemy, you cannot make friends with them. So having shown the power, come to the talking terms.” Both did not listen. Prabhakar said, Guruji you don’t know politics, you do your teaching of meditation and all that. Government anyways wanted to wipe out LTTE totally.

By disagreeing to simple words of advice of the saint, the two parties have lost the chance, and lives of lakhs of people are devastated. Srilankan Government has lost all faith and concern of Tamils in India.

On the other hand, listening to Sri Sri, Gujjar agitation could be overcome, and peace was brokered between Raje and Gujjar.

There are numerous examples in the history, where prosperity has downed when the Kings ruled the country in consultation with the Guru s. Why so? Simply because one who is Ruler, looks for proper administration, and one who is reformer, looks for proper benefit for all. A Ruler without the guidance of reformers can become selfish, biased, corrupt. A Reformer without aid of Ruler finds it tough to bring a remarkable change in the Society.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had Swami Ramdas as his guiding mentor.

Chanakya was the guiding mentor of Chandragupta Mourya.

Buddha guided King Ashoka. And in much olden days, Krishna guided Pandavas and Vasishtha Rishi trained the King Rama.

Who are all the saints today in India and abroad? Its true that there have been a few frauds under the umbrella of sainthood, and it has been punished time and again. However, majority are good only. Why haven’t we heard of their works, their ideas for building a nation…

Rulers and Reformers in India need to join hands together.

April 25, 2009

Ghulam Nabi Azad’s brother supports Ram Mandir Issue!!

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I had read this news about Ghulam Ali Azad, the brother of congress leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad has supported the Ram Mandir issue.As usual CNN-IBN, the sycophant of congress plays down this news and did not publish whatever he said to the media.They just mentioned him saying “the demand for Ram Mandir is justified and that the controversy over it is due to lack of awareness among Muslims.”

In an another news report from DNA,he says Babri Masjid never existed in Ayodha and it was actually a Ram Mandir which was demolished by Babar to construct the Muslim religious place.There was neither a mosque and nor will it ever come up at the disputed site. There existed a Ram temple and it shall always remain there.Islam says disputed site cannot be used for nimaz. I want to ask Muslim scholars to swear on Quran and tell the people what Quran says about the disputed site.BJP wants to take all the people along to deal with the issue. They want to solve this issue with the consent of all the people.Islam has not been spread by sword. Aurangzeb was responsible for the plight of Muslims because he engineered divisions in the community. And till now Muslims have not got united.”Asked why BJP was racking up the Mandir-masjid issue at the time of elections only, he said there is a right time for doing right things. “Can a farmer sow seeds in winter? Can he reap the harvest in during? There is always proper time for doing things. I would request media to be more sensible,” he said.It is heartening to see more and more muslim leaders coming forward for Ram Mandir’s cause.Here is an another interesting article about Ram Mandir issue and how His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar played a pivotal role in bringing together all the people for negotiations on Ayodhya issue.See here.

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