The Candid Eye

August 18, 2009

Jeopardizing our social security?

Government’s first and foremost job is to give social security to its people. How secure do you feel in your city? Be it daytime/evening or night:- incidences of theft, robbery, murder and planned explosions have shown that the Government has miserably failed in strict security of the society. 

So, when they cannot offer security, they start bringing down the social practices – no late night discos, no late night eat-outs, and now no late night movie shows even. And what is definition of late night? 11 pm? If the trend continues, people would stop going out of homes at times after 8pm- since the shops are anyways closed, so also food joints and social activity centers, where they would want to go out for?

This rule of last movie show by 8:30 pm is just an example of how weak the social security system is. In other words it says “we cannot guarantee you safe travel post 11pm to your homes.” Isn’t that ridiculous in the free country like India? Are our lives at stake in our own country? Where is the law and order establishment of the Government working then?

They started with curtailing the timing s of social activity, and started frisking each and every citizen that enters malls and theaters for any socially harmful carriers. It all stems from the terrorists attacks that occurred simultaneously in several parts of the city. Not once, but again and again. What do terrorists want to convey? That you are not safe, and your lives are at our mercy, and hence you succumb to our demands. 

By not nipping these activities at the bud, the Government is doing a great sin towards the citizens of this country. A stern and clear closure of all boundaries of the Nation is an urgency. Strict action on all local agencies supporting foreign terrorist intentions is a must. A bright and confident portrait of the Country’s outlook to the neighboring Countries is necessary, so that they do not even think of harming the citizens of this country.

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