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October 14, 2009

After Pakistan,its China’s turn now!

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The prime minister of  the country is condemned for visiting a place in his country.Nothing worse can India expect from China.China has been aggressively pursuing its own agenda ever since it waged a war against India in 1962.India has been a whipping boy for China since then and, Congress government wants to continue the same thing though our security and interests are greatly compromised.

Beijing said on Tuesday it was “seriously dissatisfied” by the visit of an Indian leader to a disputed Himalayan region, the latest tense exchange between the Asian giants over border areas claimed by both. (Courtesy: Economic Times)

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu accused an unnamed Indian leader of ignoring China’s concerns by visiting the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ma Zhaoxu

Ma Zhaoxu

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh travelled to the mountainous state, twice the size of Switzerland, earlier this month to woo voters ahead of Monday’s state assembly election.

Beijing lays claim to 90,000 sq kilometres of land in the border state, that it sees as “southern” Tibet and had already expressed its anger about a planned visit by the Dalai Lama in November. “We demand the Indian side pay attention to the serious and just concerns of the Chinese side, and do not provoke incidents in the disputed region, in order to facilitate the healthy development of Sino-Indian relations,” Ma said in a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry website.

India and China fought a brief but bloody border war, partly over Arunachal Pradesh, in 1962, and while trade between the two has since flourished, the border disputes have never been resolved.

Mistrust remains close below the surface and appears to have resurfaced in recent months. There has been a flurry of reports in Indian media of Chinese incursions along the border — shrugged off by both governments — and Delhi this month protested against a Chinese embassy policy of issuing different visas to residents of disputed Kashmir. China also protested against the Dalai Lama’s trip to Arunachal Pradesh.

It reviles the Tibetan spiritual leader as a separatist and said the trip was further proof of his scheming.

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September 5, 2009

Naxalism – threat to unified nation of India – 4

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August 29, 2009

Naxalism – A threat to unified nation of India – 3

Panel 14Panel 15
Maharashtra State (Central India)
A 40 sq km area on the Maharashtra Chhattisgarh border is considered a ‘Liberated Zone’ where even the police do not venture. There are around 25 villages in this zone. Naxalites hold military training camps here and even run an arms factory and a printing press.

Panel 17

August 28, 2009

Naxalism – threat to unified nation of India – 2

Jharkhand State (Eastern India)

27 Oct 2007: Armed Naxals massacred 17 people including a former Jharkhand Chief Minister’s son in Chilkhari Village of the state’s Giridih District.

Panel 10Panel 11

Bihar State (Northern India)
One of the poorest Indian States

13 Nov 2005: 200 Naxalites attacked the Jehanabad Jail, freed their comrades and assassinated leaders of the Ranvir Sena, the upper-caste militia. More than 300 prisoners made use of the opportunity to escape as the jail was under Maoist’s control for almost two hours.

Panel 13

August 27, 2009

Naxalism – A threat to unified nation of India – 1

FACT India has put up an excellent online exhibition on the Naxalism , which has been identified as the “the single largest threat to the internal security of the country” by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the past.  A two-day Conference was conducted in Norway, Oslo, which focused on the internal armed conflicts in South Asian nations of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal, discussed possible solutions and ways and means to achieve them. For more details, visit their website.

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June 14, 2009

The US and Pak want Kashmir troops to move – Scape goat,India agreed

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This one is shocking news for most of us, but it is well planned, it seems, after the series of events that took place,after Hafeez Sayeed’s release.

Just before our home minister’s visit to Kashmir,Senior BJP leader Arun Shourie in the Rajya Sabha has given this speech.

Some excerpts from that speech.

The BJP,accused the Centre of depending too much on the US while dealing with Pakistan in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks. “Don’t run to Mummy (the US) all the time. Pakistan is not dependent on the US, rather it is the other way round as America wants an honourable exit from the war it started in the region against terrorism and for this it needs Pakistan’s support,” BJP member Arun Shourie said in Rajya Sabha.

The situation post-Mumbai terror attacks, he said, was “treacherous and far more complex. Therefore greater effort on part of the government is required”.Arun Shourie also cautioned the government not to get involved in sending evidence about Mumbai attacks to Pakistan as “this will put it in a position of being a judge”.

Shourie said that the country needs to understand the objectives of US in the region and its compulsions. “Look at the nature of the Pakistani state. Has it changed? Look at the
objectives of the US in the region and its compulsions. This will give a realistic view,” he said.

Shourie said that the country needs to understand the objectives of US in the region and its compulsions. “Look at the nature of the Pakistani state. Has it changed? Look at the objectives of the US in the region and its compulsions. This will give a realistic view,” he said.

Shourie, while quoting reports about the Prime Minister’s meeting with US President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the recently held G-20 Summit in London, said that this too apparently centred around on how India can tone down the kind of reaction that emerged within the country after 26/11.

The Rajya Sabha member added that while the US is trying to restrain India from taking any aggressive stand against Pakistan, there is also a lot of pressure from Washington on New Delhi to keep peace with the neighbouring country.

For full article click here.

It seems,Congress goverment has fallen prey to Obama’s tactics.Earlier it was Israel.Now it is India’s turn.

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May 17, 2009

Election Results 2009

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Now that election results have been announced and clearly Indian National Congress have done well over BJP.Here are the list of winning candidates. Once again people have favoured the congress party and placed their faith on it. They have been given another chance to correct their mistakes in the past.This victory for congress would not have come easily without the support of English media.Even though the election manifesto of BJP promised so many things like good governance, security,employment etc.., it seems people are not ready to buy those things.There could be number of reasons for BJP losing the battle this time.Some of them,I can think of are:

1.Voter turnout of this election is not so great this time.Many parts of the country only saw around 30 -40 % of turnout .Many educated, working people have not felt the importance of casting their votes.Many people are staying away from home for work and thus felt hesitant to shell out few thousands/hundreds of rupees in travelling to cast their votes.

2.BJP does not have any place in media virtually.They need to fight not only congress but also the so called secular media.People who see something in the newspaper/TV tend to believe the same whether it is correct or not.The subtle/direct anti BJP compaign has won once again.BJP reigns supreme only in the internet and blogosphere.90% of the population rely on News Channels for information and not the internet.

3.Money played a major role in this election.Certainly in TN.Voters in Madurai were given Rs.5000/vote in the last election by DMK.This time the people are not happy because they are given only Rs.200/vote by Congress-DMK alliance.It is a very sad situation.People are happy in receiving freebies such as color TVs,Gas stoves and they are not ready vote for long term plans.

4.Many people in rural India still believe Congress party is of Mahatma Gandhiji/Nehru/Indira Gandhi.’Gandhi’ name has reached far-flung areas of India and people need to be educated on the evils of dynastic politics.BJP or any party who wants to win the elections needs to reach out people in each village/city/town and create a base of supporters.

5.Unless or until a large section of people are made aware of  the truth about Congress party and its misdeeds/misgovernance in the past  they keep winning.People have to be given a strong, compelling alternative to congress party.

In the latest news, BJP has promised to play constructive role as opposition in nation building.

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