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October 8, 2009

Talibans in J&K

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From Express Buzz

Indian security forces will soon have their first encounter with the Taliban militants in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan based Talibans entering J&K

Pakistan based Talibans entering J&K

The grand conspiracy, hatched by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence and army, is the first one after a lull of more than 10 months when India exposed the Pak hand in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks forcing it to almost plead guilty in front of the international community.

“Sixty surrendered Talibanis in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir are waiting to sneak into J&K at the behest of ISI. It is sad to know that Pakistan is back to its sinister designs after 26/11.

Talibans in Afghanistan

Talibans in Afghanistan

We didn’t expect this kind of a treacherous move that would make the whole situation murky,” Home Ministry sources told Express.

The sources said that the ISI has asked 60 Talibani soldiers, who had recently surrendered before the Pak army along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, to either serve long-term rigorous sentences in jails or head to J&K for the glory of jihad.

“The move may coincide with shifting of durbar from Srinagar to the winter capital of Jammu as with the government still in the process of settling down, it would be an opportune time to create panic,” they said.

Based on credible and specific intelligence inputs, the threat perception was discussed at length in a review meeting in Srinagar headed by Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar.

Top officials of Home Ministry, Defence Ministry, Army and intelligence agencies were also present in the meeting.

October 5, 2009

On Dashami, Jammu housewife kills jihadi with axe

An brave and inspiring act by Rashidha Begum, a resident of Jammu.

As the country bid farewell to goddess Durga, the demon-slayer, on Dashami and witnessed the evil king Ravana being vanquished on Dussehra, a humble Muslim woman in a remote Jammu village slew a dreaded Lashkar terrorist single-handedly. Check the video.

Brave women who killed and drove out the terrorists

Brave women who killed and drove out the terrorists

Exhibiting astonishing, raw courage, Rashida Begum took on the two terrorists who had barged into her home late Sunday night in Thana Mandi village in Rajouri district. The woman, in her early forties, grabbed an axe and swung it wildly, killing one of the armed terrorists and injuring the other. Seeing his partner meet a bloody end, the other terrorist fled in sheer dread.

A Rajouri-based police officer said the two terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan-based group that carried out the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, had entered Noor Ahmad’s home around 9pm with the intention of holding the family hostage.

Police said the two also wanted information on some local targets that Noor and his family members refused to provide. Angered by the resistance, the two began beating them up, threatening to eliminate the family, when Noor’s wife, Rashida, took them by surprise, pouncing on one of them from behind. She brought down an axe in powerful blows, killing the terrorist on the spot.

She then charged at his partner who, nonplussed, was trying to gather his wits. Rashida and the rest of the family members soon overpowered him and snatched his weapon. However, the terrorist escaped under the cover of darkness, but not before receiving sharp cuts in the face-off with the furious housewife.

Rajouri’s additional superintendent of police Shabir Ahmed said investigations were on establish to identity of the duo but the slain terrorist was believed to be Osama, a Pakistan-based LeT commander, wanted in many cases of extortion and terror related activities. “We are awaiting more details from the spot where a police team is carrying out further investigation,” Ahmed said. Security forces are combing the area for the escaped terrorist.

September 8, 2009

Refugees in their own country – 2

5Skipping some of the gory detailed pictorial information that can be found on Terror Unleashed, an Exhibition on Kashmir.

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