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July 7, 2009

Triple eclipse interests rationals

Sri D. K. Hari has published a fantastic book combining Astronomy, History and Geography, Archeology and a huge literature survey (with Lots of color pictures!!) :-

The Triple Eclipse of 2009


Here is a news summarizing view of Historian and Astrophysicist.

An article has appeared on rediff here.

The book is available in divine shops of Art of Living and major book stalls in the city. You are welcome to read the book and then participate in the comments on above rediff article.

June 18, 2009

History Retold

An article worth reading from the Frontline magazine.  The source is here.

April 13, 2009

TajMahal – A Hindu Temple??

One may think that I am kidding,but it is very interesting piece of information worth knowing.We all know and studied in the History books that Tajmahal was bulit by Shajahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz.The construction of the Tajmahal started one year after the death of Mumataz. It is the year 1633.The construction of Taj Mahal had begun soon after Mumtaz’s death with the principal mausoleum completed in 1648. The surrounding buildings and garden were finished five years later. I have given the excerpts from different sources on the Tajmahal and it’s history.

The Controversy Surrounding the Origins of the Taj Mahal

People have argued that Oak’s theory has no credibility whatsoever. Some might even argue that we should not go by rational, logical, intelligent way of analysis of this issue and they believe facts rathen than scientific way of analysis.Here is an interesting piece of an argument.

However Stephen Knapp has some interesting facts and information and findings on Tajmahal.

Recently in 2005, the Shia community and Uttar Pradesh Sunni Waqf Board started claiming the ownership of Tajmahal. The reason behind this move by these Muslim boards is nothing but to gain monetary benefits.This was even supported by UP minister Azam Khan of Samajwadi party.Azam Khan is well known for his claims for separate Muslim Pradesh.He even called Sachar committee report as eye wash and went on to say that Sachar Committee recommendations were not enough.Is he thinking, India is a Islamic country?

Some more articles on Tajmahal:

Tajmahal and the Great British Conspiracy!

Marvin H. Mills, an Architect and Architectural historian from Newyork has done extensive research on Islamic art and Architecture says Tajmahal was indeed a Shiva temple. See the video.

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