The Candid Eye

April 18, 2009

Mc Donalds’ yummy French Fries & Burger – I’m Lovin It!!

I have recently put on weight and have been trying to find ways to shed that extra flab.Apart from routine exercises and Surya Namaskars,I tried to find a healthy proper nutritious meal and their calorie content so that I can possibly succeed in my effort in shedding that extra weight.So I started looking for Diet Secrets,Food and their Calorie content,then I stumbled on to this stunning video.Watch it yourself.

As she said IT CAN’T BE REAL FOOD!!!But it is too late, I had already eaten one burger few years ago and that explains me why that extra thingy(Misnomer : Flab) is not easy to get rid off.May be I need to born again in a place where there are no Mc Donalds!Mc Donalds – I’m hating it!!

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