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August 16, 2009

Unleash your Creativity – 1

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Came across a forward of this set of pics for bus stops, can’t resist sharing them!



watermelonAmazing, isn’t it! Now, that’s called creativity!For more pics, google “bus stops all over the world”…

When will creativity foster in society? Only if there is peace and contentment. Contentment is the mother of creativity. You can’t be creative with a frustrated state of mind, can you? You can’t make something creative without a peaceful, nourishing environment.

It also needs a governance that allows freedom of thought and action. A government which doesn’t make you go through a dozen departments for permission of explosion of creativity. A government which supports free market, where the most innovative applicant is encouraged. Otherwise, its all stereotype mechanical duplication of a similar stamp like structure, with no artistic sense and hardly any innovation. Mumbai BEST buses are really good and efficient. Can we have their bus stops in these creative fashion? Something that a Mumbaiyya will also personally relate to? Mumbai rains are famous for clogging roads, resulting into something like this and this:


Hope to see better Bus stops and more prophylactic efforts by the government!

May 16, 2009

One more Potential Academy Award Winning Film from India!!

When India is celebrating the victory of Slums and Dogs and its award winning music director AR Rahman’s incredible music,here comes another film with well thought out,pre planned,fascinating story line.The movie name –  ‘Nutritious Hunger Strike ‘, directed/enacted/screenplayed by  Karunanidhi.You need to watch this wonderful movie,beautifully enacted by the hero Karunanidhi, if you have not seen already.One fine day,Hero Karunanidhi after finishing his breakfast  followed by fresh juice decides to go on hunger strike.The reason – People of Tamil Nadu are so worried and agitated about the plight of Srilankan Tamils.So our hero being a Tamil,needed to do something dramatically to grab their attention.His dramatic decision to go on hunger strike drama,indeed grabbed people’s attention.For the people who have missed this, here below is one of the scenes in the drama.Infact it is the only scene as far as I remember.Click here for the scene.

Here is the chronology of scenes of our Karunanidhi in the drama ‘Nutritious Hunger Strike’.
6AM : Getting up
6AM : 7AM – Getting Ready
7AM : Hot medium spicy Soup is being served to our Karunanidhi
7AM – 7.15AM : Drinking the warm medium spicy soup
7.15AM – 7.45AM : Reading Newspapers and Recollecting what he had said to the press the previous day so that he can lie based on the previous one.
7.45AM – 8AM : Arcot Veerasamy calls up Chidambaram and confirms whether he would call our hero at 11.45AM sharply.
7.45AM – 8AM : At the same time,Dhayalu Ammal,Karunanidhi’s wife calls up the family doctor and asks him to come to Marina beach directly
8AM – 8.10AM : Goes to Dining area.Yes he doesn’t want to waste the energy,which he wants to use while sleeping aka hunger strike
8.10AM – 8.30AM : Takes breakfast – Hot Idlies with Sambar and Chutney.Doctor has advised him not to take anything other than Idlies as break fast.After packing Fresh Apple juice and ground nuts,our ‘Nutritious Hunger Strike’ crew sets out for Marina beach.
8.30AM – 9AM – In the AC car,Karunanidhi drinks Apple juice and binges on groundnuts for sometime.
9AM : Arriving Marina beach.The stage is set by this time.
9AM-9.15AM : Goes to the stage,waves his hands and starts sleeping on the couch.
The crew was getting worried on seeing the suffering that our Karunanidhi was going thru in the Air conditioned couch.They were crossing their fingers all the time during the shooting of the drama.
11.45AM : Chidambaram calls up Karunanidhi and tells him that Strikes on Tamils in Srilanka have been stopped.Karunanidhi on hearing this sighed relief and declares that war has been stopped by his hunger strike.
The next day, Sri Lankan ministers had once again said they will not stop the strikes and is not interested in evacuating the 2 lakh Tamils from the war zone.When Karunanidhi was asked to give a clarification on this statement,he promptly replied ‘Even though the rain stopped, still there will be some winds and drizzle’.

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