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July 12, 2009

The Voice

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David Sereda,the person who witnessed the UFO, is also a film maker and co-founder of V.O.I.C.E entertainment.The Voice,directed by David Sereda,is an attempt to unravel the mystery that surrounds human beings.The movie helps people to get answers/ideas about the ways,the laws of universe work.It examines how things are inter-related.It explores the merging of  Spirituality,Science,Our belief systems and quantum physics.Its an eye opener in many ways.

Is there any other place other than earth where people are living?Robert Thurman,a professor in Columbia university says there exists an invisible country ‘Shambhala’ and a habitat for nearly 100 million people.

Kalachakra Thangka in Sera Monastery

From Sera Monastery,Tibet - Image Courtesy : Wikipedia

The movie says there exist random event generator all across the universe which generates the events according to our thoughts based on the law of attraction.More on this movie can be found at Intention media entertainment’s site.

It’s really fascinating to read and hear about this movie.I have not watched it myself yet.This joins the must watch movies list of mine.

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