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April 6, 2010

Muslims Must Acknowledge, Counteract, Violent Messages

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Many in the Muslim world repeatedly express anger when Islam and its founder are criticized. This anger is understandable, especially when we take into consideration the sensitivity of talking about religious issues.

However, it is vital that the Muslim world realize that most — if not all — of the criticism of Islam and the prophet is based on what traditional and mainstream Islamic books teach. In other words, it is unfair to say that criticism of Islam is based on or motivated merely by bias against the religion, especially when we see thousands of Mosques and Islamic schools built in and sometimes supported by Western countries.

Many more limitations are placed on the rights of minorities to build their religious temples or to practice their religion freely in Muslim countries than in the West. For example, Christians are not permitted to have their Bibles with them in Saudi Arabia while Muslims have complete freedom to have the Quran in the United States and European countries.

Dr.Tawfik Hamid : Image source -

Muslims MUST ask themselves who actually discriminates against the other: Is the West discriminating against Islam or is the Muslim world discriminating against people of other faiths? Who needs to change and show more tolerance for religious minorities, the West or the Muslim world?

In addition, when the Taliban destroyed the historical Buddha statues, the Muslim world was virtually silent, which may indicate a form of acceptance for this barbaric act. The Muslims MUST ask themselves, what would they have felt if the Buddhists, for example, destroyed the Muslim holy mosque in Mecca?

Furthermore, Muslims enjoy full freedom in the West to preach to non-Muslims and to convert them to Islam. On the contrary, Muslims in general become very furious if they discover that non-Muslims are proselytizing to Muslims to convert them to other faiths. In fact, proselytizing to Muslims is illegal in many Islamic countries.

The Muslim world needs to ask itself again: Is the West discriminating against them, or are the Muslims discriminating against the others?The Muslim world needs to realize that Muslims themselves have created the negative image of Islam in the West.

When mainstream Islamic books of Sira (biography of the Prophet Mohammad that was essentially written by Muslims) teach that the prophet took a woman as booty in the war after forcing her to see her father and brother decapitated. Do Muslims expect the world to say, “Wow, this is a wonderful model for tolerance!”

When we teach in several Islamic books that Prophet Mohammad said Allah ordered him to fight the entire world until they subjugate to Islam and in current shariah books that Muslims have to wage wars against non-Muslims and offer them to choose one of the following options: to convert to Islam, to pay humiliating tax, or to be killed, do we expect others to tell us that Islam is the religion of peace?

I wonder whether Muslims would consider such actions peaceful if non -Muslims declared war against Muslims to spread their religion and offered Muslims the choice of converting, or to paying a humiliating tax,, or to be killed.When our traditional Islamic books mention that Mohammad ordered his followers to torture other human beings, does the Muslim world expect other peoples to tell us that the prophet of Islam was sent as a mercy for mankind?

When we teach in Al-Buchary [mainstream Hadith book for Sunni Muslims] that the Prophet Mohammad married and had sex with a 9-year-old child, and that he used to bring dolls for her so she could play with them, or that he used to have sex with his nine wives in one night, do we expect the world to tell us that the prophet was a role model for mankind?

If mentioning these stories is considered an insult to Islam, then Al-Buchary — not the West — should take responsibility for insulting the religion.

When non-Muslims realize that Muslims who convert away from Islam must be killed under Redda law (killing the apostates) and that this law is approved by ALL schools of Islamic jurisprudence based on the words of the Prophet Mohammad, shall we expect them to sing praises for how Islam respects the value of religious freedom?

When non-Muslims read in our mainstream books that stoning of adulterous women is acceptable in our modern times, and that it is permissible for a man to beat his wife to discipline her, and that polygamy is permissible for men up to four wives, do we expect that the world will tell us that Islam is the religion that gave women their rights?

When non-Muslims hear fatwas from some of our leading scholars that drinking the urine of the prophet was a blessing for his disciples, should we expect words of admiration or criticism?

When we teach in our approved Islamic books that early Muslim armies invaded many countries to spread Islam and that the agreement between the second caliphate and non-Muslim minorities in these countries did not allow non-Muslims to sit while Muslims were standing and did not allow non-Muslims to raise their voices while crying when following their dead, do we expect that others to be speaking loudly about the “tolerance” of Islam?

It is important that the Muslim world realize that it needs to stop discrimination against its non-Muslim minorities and that Muslims themselves — and not Westerners — created the negative image of Islam.

Denying that the above teachings exist just makes things worse, as they are in our Islamic books.

The best way to stop criticism of Islam is to admit that violent teachings exist and that Islamic scholars must work on providing modern ways for interpreting and understanding their religion instead of accusing those who expose the problem and raise valid questions of being Islamophobes.

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March 20, 2010

Pakistan again using mafia links for terror strikes

Saturday’s arrests of the two terror suspects in Mumbai who wanted to set fires at three locations across the city shows that Pakistani planners are now returning to their old ally, the underworld, to plot terrorist acts.

In the recent case, Abdul Latif Rashid alias Guddu, 29, and Riyaz Ali Imtiaz alias Rehan, 22, were arrested for conspiring to set fires at the ONGC office in Bandra (East), Mangaldas Market in Kalbadevi and Thakkar Mall in Borivli. Latif’s uncle, Abdul Bashir Khan, is an absconding accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, which was plotted and executed by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is now living in Karachi. Khan is currently living with Dawood in the latter’s Karachi flat and works as his assistant.

Pakistan ISI : Image Courtesy -

The security establishment in India has been claiming that the D-gang is hand-in-glove with Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) in the execution of conspiracies in India.

In the 11/7 Mumbai train blasts case, the police arrested a doctor, two engineers and a sotware programmer who did not have any prior criminal record. However, the recent case points to the in-depth involvement of the D-gang. “The two accused were in touch with a D-gang member who had asked them to identify youths for terror training in Pakistan,” said the source.

Officials in the security forces said terror bosses may have returned to the underworld because the police have mentally de-linked the underworld from terror. “The police seem to have formed an opinion that gangsterism is entirely different from terrorism and they do not pay heed to gangsters when it comes to probing terror cases nowadays. This could be one of the reasons why the Pakistani terror handlers are focusing on the use of the underworld,” the security source said.

Pakistan ISI : Image Courtesy -

“In 1993, the underworld had first participated in a terror strike. Later, the modus operandi changed and the handlers started recruiting young people with no criminal records as the underworld was already on the police list,” said a security establishment official.

In the 2001 Parliament attack, new faces who were neither in the police list nor connected to the underworld were recruited. In the post-2001 modus operandi, the use of educated youths from the Muslim community was seen.

Software engineer Mansoor Peerbhoy, a Pune resident, who had a job with a Rs 19-lakh-a-year salary, was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch in 2008 for being part of the Indian Mujahideen. He was accused of hacking into computers and sending terror emails.

Earlier, in a string of post-2001 terror-related cases in Mumbai, an MBBS, an MBA, three civil engineers, four mechanical engineers, two chemical engineers, a pilot and a professor working for the National Defence Academy, Pune, had been arrested. While the police had focused on these men, most of them were later acquitted by the court or discharged by the central Pota review committee.

Noteworthy also is that absconding Indian Mujahideen operative, Riyaz Bhatkal, who is also suspected to be in Pakistan, was connected to the Fazlur Rehman gang before he formed his own extortion outfit. Bhatkal later took to terrorism.

Source: TOI

March 17, 2010

Sufi teachings can counter extremism: Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday called for focussing attention on teachings of peace, love and tolerance of the Sufi saints so as to counter extremism and the militant mindset.

Addressing an International Conference on Sufism and Peace arranged by Pakistan Academy of Letters at the Aiwan-i-Sadr, President Zardari said Sufism had a crucial role to play in mankind’s struggle for a peaceful world.

Asif Zardari

Around 80 delegates from 30 countries and 250 from Pakistan are participating in the conference.The president said the most important issue of the present era was peace — peace in the country as well as peace outside the borders.

President Zardari said extremism and militancy were a mindset, created to defeat a rival ideology in the region and the extremists were encouraged to use religion as the basis of their ideology.

He said the entire free world was responsible for its creation decades ago. But, unfortunately, no attention was paid to this aspect once the objectives were fulfilled and the militants were abandoned to their fate. “It is these very militants who have come to haunt all of us.”

He said the entire philosophy of Sufism revolved around purification of the soul and creating an environment where humanity was not threatened by few individuals trying to impose their narrow versions of religion upon a vast majority.

“No religion, whether Islam or Christianity, preached extremism and militancy,” he added. He described terrorists as enemies of Pakistan and Islam and of peace in the region.

“Pakistan will never bow before terror and will never allow the extremists to advance their murderous agenda within the country and the region,” he added.

He said Pakistan was home to great Sufi saints who dedicated their lives to promotion of peace and harmony and the vast majority of people believed in peace and universal brotherhood as enshrined in the teaching of holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

He urged the gathering to play its part in making the world a better place to live. He said the conference showed Pakistan’s commitment to the cause of peace and the deep bond of its people to the forces of love, harmony and brotherhood, which was the message of Sufis.

The president also commended the services of Chairman PAL Fakhar Zaman for arranging the conference.The PAL chief in his address highlighted the importance of men of letters in using their pens for establishing peace in the world.

Peter Curman, a Swedish writer, urged the writers to play their role as ambassadors of peace and make efforts for developing mutual harmony amongst the people across the world.

Prof Dr Hugh van Skyhawk spoke on divine love and message of peace, the role of poetry and courage among the Sufis to rid the world of the ills that afflict it.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Education Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali spoke on the role of Sufi saints in the subcontinent that brought a sea-change in the minds and lives of people with the divine message of ‘Tasawwaf’ based on love.—APP

Source: The Dawn

March 14, 2010

Islamic clerics oppose women`s reservation

Not only certain political parties, but even some influential Islamic scholars and clerics are strongly opposed to the women`s reservation bill.

Their opposition seems to stem from the fact that such a provision will not only entitle but also encourage more and more Muslim women to take a plunge into politics, where it would not be possible for them to strictly adhere to the tenets of the Shariat.

Purdah & Muslim Women

Maulana Saeed-ur Rehman, principal of the Lucknow-based internationally renowned Nadwat-ul-Ulema seminary, told IANS: “It was un-Islamic for any Muslim woman to contest an election in a secular nation.”

“Muslim women could contest elections in theocratic Islamic states because they would have to necessarily remain in `purdah` while there was no such restriction in secular societies.”

Purdah & Muslim Women

The principal of the institution that remains a host to students from leading Islamic nations across the globe, contended Islam did not permit participation of women in people`s parliament simply because that would mean close interaction with men. “They could, however, join the proceedings of a parliament where there was ample provision for `purdah` and proper segregation of women,” he said.

Asked whether that would not lead to creating more illiteracy among Muslim women, he shot back: “Islam is not against education of women, but the idea is to let them acquire education but remain within the confines of their homes, as Islam clearly prescribes `purdah` for them and holds that they must look after their homes.”

City`s Naib Imam Maulana Khalid Rasheed, who also heads Lucknow`s oldest Islami seminary Firangi Mahal, feels otherwise. “There is nothing wrong about a Muslim women participating in active politics and contesting elections. After all, so many Muslim women have done well in politics”, he said.

“However, I am opposed to the women`s reservation bill as it was contradictory to the fundamental provisions of any democratic society,” he argued. “In fact, reservation within reservation was against the spirit of the Indian constitution,” he stressed.

Leading Shia cleric and scholar Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, however, believed in the line adopted by the Nadwa principal. Asked how an Islamic state like Iran allowed women to participate in various political activities, he replied: “Well, Iran does have women members of parliament, who go through the process of elections, but they strictly follow the `purdah` system.”

“Even when they sit in their parliament, they observe complete seclusion,” he said, adding this could not be possible in Indian parliament.”Any woman entering the electoral fray would have to go into lanes and bylanes, stand on dais and brush shoulders with men. How can Islam permit all that?” he asked.

Source: Asian Lite

March 12, 2010

‘Jihad Jane’s’ Arrest Raises Fears About Homegrown Terrorists in USA

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The arrest of a suburban Pennsylvania woman known by the alias Jihad Jane, who allegedly plotted with Islamic radicals abroad to kill a Swedish cartoonist, has raised fears about homegrown terrorists in the United States who may be difficult to spot.

“This woman might as well have advertised in the Washington Post,” former White House counterterrorism official and ABC News consultant Richard Clarke said on “Good Morning America” today. “It was easy for the FBI to find her, but there are other people who are much more covert.”

Jihad Jane : Courtesy - ABC News

“There will likely be more attacks,” Clarke said. “Hopefully, they will be small, and hopefully, we can catch them early.” Colleen R. LaRose, 46, of Montgomery, Pa., was arrested in October 2009 and charged with trying to recruit Islamic fighters and plotting to assassinate a Swedish cartoonist who made fun of prophet Mohammed, according to a federal indictment unsealed Tuesday.

The FBI had kept the case secret while it looked for more suspects in the United States and abroad. The case was made public after seven men were arrested in Ireland this week, suspected of plotting to kill the Swedish cartoonist.

LaRose’s case is rare, Clark said, but it shows the capability of international dissident groups to reach out to Americans via the Internet.”This is a very rare case of a disturbed woman,” he said, but it signifies how “the Internet not only allows them to communicate, it allows them to recruit.”

Their persuasive speeches and sermons, which have been effective in recruiting men and women in the Middle East, are “beginning to work for some misfits in the United States,” he said.LaRose was arrested in Philadelphia Oct. 16, 2009, and has been in federal custody ever since, without bail. She has not entered a plea. If convicted, she faces a potential sentence of life in prison and a $1 million fine.

Her three federal public defender lawyers have yet to return calls from ABC News.LaRose could easily fit the part of a soccer mom. She was described by neighbors as an average housewife.”Oh, my God, unbelievable, I can’t believe that,” one neighbor told ABC News.

Another said the news was an “amazing, shocking surprise.”Clarke said there is likely a small group of people like LaRose. But their numbers are less of a concern than the idea that radical groups can convey their ideology via this “remote control through cyberspace,” he said.”I think it’s very small but it doesn’t have to be very large,” he said. “So it’s not so much a matter of size. It’s the fact that it’s going on.”

Authorities said LaRose’s U.S. citizenship and appearance made her appealing to the Islamic radicals she first contacted on the Internet.”The terrorists figured out that they can’t all look like Middle Eastern people, whether they be male or female,” former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett said. “And so they’ve put a lot of time and energy particularly into the Internet, of recruiting people.”

LaRose is better known to federal authorities as Fatima Rose or Jihad Jane. On June 20, 2008, LaRose allegedly posted a video on YouTube calling herself JihadJane and stating she was “desperate to do something somehow to help” ease the suffering of Muslims, according to news station WPVI.

The indictment, obtained by ABC News, charged LaRose with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, and making false statements to a government official and attempted identity theft.

Alleged Traget Identified as Lars Vilks

LaRose is also accused of making false statements to a government official and of attempted identity theft, a passport she allegedly stole with the intention of giving to an Islamic fighter. The court papers alleged that LaRose reached out through the Internet to jihadist groups saying she was “desperate to do something to help” suffering Muslim people, and that she desired to become a martyr. She stated in her e-mails “that her physical appearance would allow her to ‘blend in with many people’ which ‘may be a way to achieve what is in my heart,'” the indictment stated.

In her e-mails with five unindicted co-conspirators in South Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, LaRose allegedly agreed to recruit men and women for jihad, to raise money for Islamic fighters, and agreed on the Internet to one jihadist’s request to “marry me to get me inside Europe.”

In March 2009, the indictment stated, she allegedly received a directive to “got to sweden… find location of [Resident of Sweden] … and kill him … this is what i say to u.” LaRose was instructed to kill Vilks in a way that would frighten “the whole Kufar [non-believer] world.”Federal officials identified the target as Lars Vilks, who had drawn Muhammed with the body of a dog.

Source: ABC News

March 8, 2010

Support for Husain giving up Indian citizenship unfortunate

Calling the support for M F Husain on the issue of his giving up Indian citizenship as “unfortunate”, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar said one cannot accept blatant insult to the heroes of its land.

MF Hussain

“It’s unfortunate that there is much hue and cry about M F Husain giving up Indian citizenship. While India has a policy of free expression, one cannot accept blatant insult to heroes of its land,” he said in a statement here.

Ravishankar said it was the intention behind one’s creativity which is questionable.

“Will M F Husian show the same creativity and the same spirit with Islamic heroes and would he, then, be able to retain his Qatari citizenship?” he asked.

He also said one fails to understand why there should be different criteria for Slaman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen on the one hand and Husain on the other.

Source: TOI

March 5, 2010

Congress Playing power game through Appeasement of Minorities

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For staying in power through appeasement of minorities, UPA government has applied Religion based preferential treatment in Education. This divisive policy has violated the principle of ‘Equal Opportunity’ in Education.

The glaring disparities are summarized below:-

1. Scheduled cast students, irrespective of their family income, have been receiving a meager annual lump sum grant at the rate of Rs.140/- for lower primary level, Rs.220/- for upper primary level, and Rs.330/- for the high school level.

2. Non SC/ST/BC children do not get any thing even if their family income is below poverty line.

3. In contrast the as per newly introduced plan of scholarships for minorities two students per minority family having income up to Rs One lakh per annum, shall be paid Rs.10, 000/- per year for each student. They have to possess an income certificate issued by Village Panchayat or similar source to support their claim.

4. Girls from minorities are entitled scholarship of Rs.3000/- at degree level, Rs.4000/- at post graduate level and Rs.5000/- for professional courses. In addition, they shall also receive stipend while preparing for competitive exams. No such facility is provided to girls from majority community.

5. In case of higher education for MBBS, PG and Research, The SC/ST students must get 60% marks and are allowed only Rs. 3960 per year (Rs 330/ per month). But by scoring only 50 percent marks at the degree level religion based minorities PG students get Rs 6550/ per year and the M.Phil, Ph. D, students get Rs 35,100 on yearly basis.

6. Non-minority students are subjected to additional discrimination while securing loans. They get loans at interest rates 12 to 14 percent, whereas minorities get loan at 3 percent per annum from the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation under the Union Ministry of Finance.

7. For starting a new business a young man from majority community may get loans from commercial banks at 15 to 18 percent interest rates, provided he is in position to arrange15 to 40 percent of the project cost from their private sources as ‘margin money.’ In contrast the minority youth have to put in only 5 percent as margin money and remaining 35 percent is advanced by the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation at 3 percent interest. Remaining 60 percent of finance is given by commercial banks at reduced rates of interest when compared to others.

8. By recognizing Madrassa certificates at par with the CBSE and the SSLC the UPA government has given a death blow to inculcating a scientific temper and unity of the country since it will promote a two society mindset.

This an open secret that minorities receive vast sums of money from abroad which are spent on building thousands of Mosques and Churches and engineering conversions. Such funds should have been utilized for improving education in these communities rather than penalizing the tax payers for subsidizing the educational projects for these communities.

If Congress was sincere in uplifting the educational facilities, then education should have been made available at nominal cost for all irrespective of religious and caste discriminations. Cost of books, stationary, fees and other educational necessities ought to have been reduced or subsidized for all long ago. For making up for the short fall educational loans should be available at nominal interest to all citizens.

It is unfortunate that for electoral gains Congress government has now divided poor Indian students into three categories:-

Preferred religious minorities with high financial assistance;

SCs and STs on a lower level; and,

Total exclusion of students from poor families of majority community.

The educated voters cannot and should not escape their responsibility to oppose this discriminatory act it and take it to a logical conclusion. Only a strong public reaction will stop today’s bogus secularists. The youth, particularly the College students who have the idealism, energy, maturity and drive for furthering the national cause should whole heartedly defeat the politicians responsible for such selfish and sister acts

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