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April 27, 2009

April revolution celebration in Goa!

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When I heard about this news, I was shocked.It is like Jews celebrating Nazis contributions to their society’,’Indians praising Nadhuram Godshe as a great leader’.This ‘Stab in the back’ approach of Goa University shows their patriotism and love for India.This act of Goa University only shows how hell bent they are in pampering the Portuguese.I have given the excerpts from the news with my emphasis here.

As the Goa University has planned three-day programme to celebrate the 35th anniversary of April revolution in Portugal, freedom fighters in this erstwhile Portuguese colony has condemned the act.

The freedom fighters have said that the glorification and celebration of the April revolution in Portugal, which bestowed democracy in that country, was unwanted. Portuguese have not done anything for India apart from Genocidal killings of Indians and trying to celebrate their April Revolution is nothing but traitorous act.

Goa University’s Portuguese Department in association with ‘Instituto Camoes’ in Panaji has planned three-day programme beginning from April 24 to commemorate the event. 

“Why should institution like Goa University get associated with celebrations of the things which happened in Portugal? Do we lack in national days? We have so many national days, which are forgotten by the university,” renowned freedom fighter and active member of All Goa Freedom Fighters’ Association, Naguesh Karmali, said. The McCaulay education has done a great harm to Indian Intellgentsia and they have actually become pseudo intelluctuals.It is no wonder, these people celebrating such events.

Karmali said that if Portuguese-sponsored institutions are holding the functions in Goa, let them have but not the institution like Goa University. 

Goa was liberated from the colonial rule in 1961 after a long freedom struggle. India is only country where the government is paying pensions for terrorists,erecting statues for traitors and glorifying tyranny rule of Mughals and Portuguese while downplaying Veer Shivaji’s contributions to freedom struggle and calling Bhagat Singh as terrorist.

“Do we celebrate birthday of British Queen? Or do we celebrate French Revolution? They had also ruled India. We don’t celebrate them because they are not our national days. Why should we pamper Portugal?” Karmali questioned. 

The Goa University has planned the celebration to commemorate April revolution, which is also called as the Carnation Revolution. 

According to historians, the event was a Left leaning military’s coup started on April 25, 1974 in Lisbon (Portugal). 

It changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy after two years of a transitional period characterised by social turmoil and power dispute between Left and Right wing political forces. It might have changed the Portuguese regime but not the peoples’ slavery mind under Portuguese rule.Even today Indians look up to west for their approval.Though these tyrants have gone long back from India, the modern day Indians still looking up to them.They seem to have forgotten the Portuguese inquisition.Nobody in their senses will ever imagine to do things like this.If these things are unchecked, they will surely celebrate Dec 13th as Afzal Guru’s day and congress chamchas,Antonia Maino,Puppet Mohan,Diaper Rahul,Suzanna Arundhati Roy will be very happy to do so!!


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