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May 25, 2010

Beauty and Brains

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Meet Alexandra Kosteniuk, The Women World Chess Champion.

A devout of chess, Alexandra became Women Grand Master (WGM) at the age of 14.

She became International (Men’s) Grand Master of chess in 2004 and Women World Chess Champion in 2008.

Latest Chess has a nice interview of Alexandra Konstenuik, who also does fashion modeling to promote chess!

She gives simultaneous chess games, teaches online in a blog, has released books and DVDs for children to learn chess.

Here she analyzes the games between Anand and Topolov for the world championship challenge. The beauty of the game of chess is that a game can be enjoyed even after being played already. See how chess is promoted abroad:- !

August 20, 2009

Unleash your Creativity – 2

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I am tired of seeing same type of stationary, clothes, miscellaneous and food shops around the city. They carry not only same types of items, they even arrange it in the similar fashion! It has become so much mechanical! They are just following the trends of supermarkets and franchising outlets. Where has the local ingenuity gone?

In my childhood, there used to be wonderful wooden toys from Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. Trucks, other working toys made of wood. I had great fascination of them. Now a days a simple toy like a ball with a rubber string which glows when you whirl it in circle – comes from China, Japan! Are we losing local talent and creativity? Really, how much innovation does it take to put together few ideas from electricity, mechanics and make toys!?

Indians invented one of the most complex mind games- Chess. Lately, for any board games, we need to look outside – we hardly have any new games being created. In fact, the local sports like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi are losing charm in youngsters, due to media craze of other sports, and these games which totally test your stamina and power are slowly drying up in interest.

Of course, the winds of change are flowing, and some enthusiastic youth in Mumbai, Bangalore and other places have decided to put life on the boring monotonous colors of the city walls and add color to them in this Wall Project.



Painter-himselfImmense talent rests potentially in the youth of India… It needs to be nourished and brought up. The Wall Project youth are taking up the Biggest Canvas:- Tulsi Pipe Road Wall,15-16 August 2009.

August 16, 2009

Unleash your Creativity – 1

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Came across a forward of this set of pics for bus stops, can’t resist sharing them!



watermelonAmazing, isn’t it! Now, that’s called creativity!For more pics, google “bus stops all over the world”…

When will creativity foster in society? Only if there is peace and contentment. Contentment is the mother of creativity. You can’t be creative with a frustrated state of mind, can you? You can’t make something creative without a peaceful, nourishing environment.

It also needs a governance that allows freedom of thought and action. A government which doesn’t make you go through a dozen departments for permission of explosion of creativity. A government which supports free market, where the most innovative applicant is encouraged. Otherwise, its all stereotype mechanical duplication of a similar stamp like structure, with no artistic sense and hardly any innovation. Mumbai BEST buses are really good and efficient. Can we have their bus stops in these creative fashion? Something that a Mumbaiyya will also personally relate to? Mumbai rains are famous for clogging roads, resulting into something like this and this:


Hope to see better Bus stops and more prophylactic efforts by the government!

July 13, 2009

Goddess Lakshmi on meat Sandwich

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Burger King, which runs a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in more than 70 countries, has apologised for running an advertisement in Spain that offended the Hindus.

Image Courtesy - Hindu America foundation

Image Courtesy - Hindu America foundation

Earlier, HAF had demanded Burger King to remove the offensive advert,which hurt sentiments of billion hindus worldwide.The image of goddess Lakshmi is shown here,sitting atop of a meat sandwich and with a caption which says ‘A snack that’s sacred’ in Spanish.

This is not the first time that sacred symbols are mis used in this manner to denigrate them and in subtler way it says that Hindus and Hindu gods are a level below others.

Though Burger King has apologised for its act,the damage has been done already and it has done so keeping in mind its interests and business prospects.Whatever reason was told to issue such an advertisement is the same reason for its withdrawal of the advert.

Sources: RediffHAF

July 5, 2009

Ambient Advertising

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Mario Marsicano, a NYC advertising account guy,runs childhood-inspired furnishings site,, home of cupcake seats, gummilights and Rubik’s Cube tables.From his write-up in mental_floss:

I’ve always found the best way to tell if I like a watch is to try it on. So these Big Pilot watches printed on German bus straps might have been a very effective way to get me in a buying mood. Then again, maybe they would only remind me of how late I was.


I’ve seen a few of these crosswalk ads, but this is my favorite. You know those stripes are always pretty filthy, so seeing one really bright line is sure to get your attention. At least that’s what Proctor & Gamble was hoping when they polished one stripe on German crosswalks, and decorated them with a Mr. Clean logo. Now let’s just hope no one was mesmerized enough to forget about the oncoming traffic.


You’re a visual arts school, and you want potential students to get in touch with their inner Picasso. Why not remind them that great ideas can happen anywhere? New York’s School of Visual Arts encouraged people to write down their thoughts by printing lined paper on everyday objects like restaurant napkins, sugar packets, and even toilet paper. Inspired concept plus clean design equals effective advertising.


Who doesn’t love watching someone get a pie in the face? Next to slipping on a banana peel, it’s probably the most classic physical comedy move there is. So these revolving door decals promoting Toronto’s comedy film festival were sure to get Canadians in a slapstick mood. Just imagine seeing your boss coming through that entrance.


If you were smoking in a designated smoking area and you saw this ceiling poster, depicting a funeral going on above your grave, do you think you might put out the butt? These morbid reminders, created by the Everest Brand Solutions agency of Mumbai, were meant to do just that. Then again, if you’re so desperate for a smoke that you can’t wait until you get outside, you might need more than a clever poster.


You’re looking for a nice sirloin or rib eye, and you jump back as you see a naked woman staring at you. That’s the reaction Luxembourg ad agency Mikado Publicis was looking for when they printed images of women inside food packaging and placed them in the meat sections of local super markets. The campaign was meant to drive awareness of human trafficking, with copy that reads, “If you pay a prostitute, you’re financing human trading…” That would get a shopper’s attention.


And this gets my personal first prize for funniest ambient effort. When I walk into a public restroom looking for a vacant urinal, my eyes usually don’t drift ten feet up the wall. This Spiderman III ad is hysterical, and it might have made me want to see the flick in theaters instead of waiting until the DVD came out. And it also proves that no space is off limits in the world of guerilla advertising.


July 4, 2009

Go Vegetarian

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Cool and funny posters on vegetarianism from

Go Vegetarian

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