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August 18, 2016

in the 71st year

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Happy Independence Day!
Today as we celebrated the 70th independence day of India, there are so many important things to consider. Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi mentioned about many important things in his speech from red fort. Among them, one useful thing to implement is to start using LED bulbs and save electric power, which will in turn save Crores of Rs for the country.
In addition, there are several points to consider:
Purchase only locally made, India made products.
Infiltrations, terrorism, internal wars happen because of loosely bound society. Get to know at least 4 of your neighbours and ensure they know other four, and such a chain should be made to map the whole country.
Technology front:-
IT industry has to hire people for work that is expanding, instead of piling up funds. For every lac in the excess funds of company’s turnover, they need to hire one person. A teamwork and ingenious research and development to improve and expand the products is required.
Mobile phone industry has to give the installation CD to the customers, helping them create logins and passwords, just as in the case of computers. That will prevent unwelcome use of the mobile phones. And it will truly handover the machine to the customer, instead of a pre locked operating system. Mobile phones need to become more like a miniaturized version of a computer with calling facility.
Two wheeler industries have to re-think a motor-driven bicycle model of a two-wheeler and incorporate a much more stable, user friendly, risk free three-wheeler trike model. Automobile industry as a whole has to move to electric low cost vehicles.
Kashmir Issue should be amicably solved and purchase of land, setup of industries in the Jammu and Kashmir region for the rest of the Indians should be allowed, rehabilitating the Kashmir Pandits.
River water sharing is to be calculated as per based on the population of the two states and corresponding measure to save water has to be done.
Providing every indian citizen with a minimal support for survival is more important than the international space missions, high cost smart cities and such initiatives.
As the Raksha Bandhan Festival approaches, men need to take responsibility of one woman in their neighbourhood and women need to ensure such connection for their safety round the clock, for 24 hours and 7 days a week. This would be more prudent for women safety than severing the punishments for crimes against women and other post-curative measures.
Education sector:-
3 year BSc/ LLB/BA degrees are not enough, they should be 4 year courses. The training should be less theoretical and more practical in these degree programs. They should involve equivalent job interview prospects as the engineering and other degree programs.
Students in all subjects should be encouraged for independent thinking, rather than rot memorization. Best possible education systems from the world need to be brought in and implemented. Faster learning students should be allowed to jump classes and give higher examinations earlier.
Entertainment industry and Fashion designing:-
Audiences at large are disappointed with routine formula movies being churned out. An indigenous new approach be implemented by the script writers and directors. Actors and Actresses need to choose roles and scripts that they would like to set as role model for the young generation. Producers have to focus on edutainment and social reform in addition to entertainment. Should there be a censor for TV serials as well as commercial advertisements, that needs to be thought about.
Drama industry needs to be supported and an online webcast of best dramas be made available for those interested in this art form.
Olympics and sports:-
Our sports persons have performed well in olympics and other sports events. They need full time training support and best mentors. Like the full time schools of chess in Russia, India needs to have Indian Institute of Sports, where the young sports men and women would be trained without having to worry about family and finance.
Conflict resolution activities:-
Peace mascots from India have to travel to all conflict affected areas in the world and ensure violence free solutions of the problems.
Yoga and spiritual movements:-
A central agency of spiritual leaders be formed to assess and approve the messengers of dharma in the country. The International day of Yoga is a very good initiative in this direction. A collaborative and non divisive movement of spirituality has to be bring in a wave in the country wherein different schools of thought bring a harmonious growth in the spirit of the people of the nation.
Jai Hind.

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