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August 9, 2011

Real Hero Anil builds dams with his Re 1 idea

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Watch the Video on CNN !!

Mandsaur: Dr Anil Joshi has been changing the landscape of Madhya Pradesh by collecting Re 1 from each villager, and with the money pooled, he builds check dams. In a region parched by drought, Dr Joshi’s intervention is bringing about a green revolution.

“I decided to collect just Re 1 from each person. I was sure I could raise a sum of Rs 1 lakh,” Anil said.

Mandsaur, a small district in Madhya Pradesh was battling the worst drought with almost no rain for eight years. Farmers lost their livelihood and women walked miles to fetch water.

That’s when one man decided to take matters in his own hand and changed the fate of the villagers.

A doctor, Anil Joshi realised how scarcity of water was making life impossible for the villagers. He knew that the only way he could help the farmers was by preserving the precious little rain that they received and for that they needed to build dams, which needed a capital of at least Rs 1 lakh, and in a drought stricken village, that would be almost impossible.

With his Re 1 idea, Anil went door to door collecting money. While some joined his cause, some ridiculed him and others mistrusted him.

In three months he collected the money and work started on the dams.

More villagers joined Anil Joshi and in ten days the dam was ready and the rewards came with the very next rainfall.

Anil Joshi now gathered villagers to replicate the model.

With Mandsaur’s ‘paani waley baba’ no village will ever run dry.

From: CNN

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