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January 16, 2010

Quote of the week – Can’t change anti-India sentiment: Sheikh Hasina

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Courtesy : NDTV with my emphasis.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has admitted that there is a strong anti-India sentiment in her country and she can do little to change it.

Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladesh PM

For the second consecutive day on her visit in New Delhi, she stressed that India should be “more generous in dealing with neighbours.”

What else India can do for Bangladesh  Mrs.Hasina? You are there today because of India.Crores of Bangladeshi Muslims have illegally migrated to India.Indira Gandhi even brought an unconstitutional law to make it happen.They have been given citizenship,Voter’s id, Haj Subsidy and all other freebies meant for Indian Muslims.All these things are provided to you at the expense of Indian citizens.In contrast, thousands of Hindus and moderate Muslims in Bangladesh are being persucuted, killed, driven out by your own people.

You are aware of all these things and yet remain calm and doing nothing about this.You have been given the Indira Gandhi peace award, not by India, but by Congress as they depend heavily on the illegally migrated Bangladeshis and you played a major role in bringing these crores of Bangaladeshis illegally into India.

Good drama perfectly orchestrated by you and Congress!

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