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December 21, 2009

Insurance CEO quits job to become Cong backroom boy

Excerpts from TOI with my emphasis added.

Jitendra Kumar Bhagat, who was earning around Rs 1 crore per annum at the time of his resignation. “He had a state-of-the art office, a chauffeur-driven car and almost every luxury one could think of as CEO of a company.Congress says,“he resigned to serve the people of the state”.

When asked if Bhagat is being paid what he used to get as CEO of the insurance company, State secretary M M Sharma said, “He has resigned and become a member of the party. There is no reason why he should be paid.”

Sonia Gandhi : Image Courtesy -

Sonia Gandhi : Image Courtesy -


When contacted, Bhagat said, “I have come here to work for the party and meet the expectations of the high command. I have nothing to say at the moment.”

Jitendra Kumar Bhagat wants people to believe that he is not getting paid for what he is doing for Congress party.Political parties have started roping in successful CEOs to work for the betterment of the party.Will they show the same enthusiasm in discharging their duties to people of India?The first act after joining the party for anyone is lying.Mr.Jitendra Kumar will soon get used to it.Like the politicians from Congress party,he will not lie and also not utter a word against those corrupt thugs.

A legacy that has been followed for more than six decades and Jitendra is not an exception.He joins the club of dutiful servents of high command like many did in the past.

He does not have to give rehearsed speeches like Manmohan Singh who said earlier that corruption is the single greatest threat to the nation’s economic prospects.

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