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December 13, 2009

Wahabism Cruelty

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Amputations of the Somali youth : Wahabism and Al Shabaab Cruelty – Source: Medeshi Media Group.

This is a photo of four young men who suffered alternate leg and arm amputations for petty thefts in Somalia. These young men who were permanently disabled by distorted Wahabist ideology imported from Saudi Arabia by Al Shabaab terrorist group will bear these cruel scars for the rest of their lives.

Wahabism cruelty in Somalia

Wahabism cruelty in Somalia

Unlike the West, these young men will have no access to free health care or social and welfare services and will ,therefore, be forced to beg in the streets of Somalia for the rest of their lives. It is sad that there are lots of people in Somali who still support these terrorist Al Shabaab group at the expenses of the rest of the Somali people .

Similar actions of amputations and stoning to death were carried during the year by Al Shabaab terrorist group against many helpless Somalis who were victimised because of the chaos in Somalia and lack of ability of the weak government of TFG , which is supported by the West , to control the country.

Arch enemy Ethiopia added fat to the fire by sending troopers in and out of Somalia occasionally, therefore , giving moral boost to the terrorists who gain support when ever the Ethiopians enter Somalia.

Somalia didn’t have a functioning government since 1991 and has been split into mini regions by its neighbouring enemies and Islamists.

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