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November 3, 2009

Joke of the week!

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Any more terror attacks from Pak will be retaliated: Chidambaram – Ha! Ha! Ha! is the immediate response after reading this news.The home minister needs to be reminded often that Pakistan is rogue state and it’s never going to learn its lesson. Just a couple of terrorist attacks now and then on Indians would make this guy blurt out some nonsense like this.

P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram

A few hundred or few thousand people are killed in a deadly terrorist attacks – The Permanently Muddleheaded(PM) leader once again reiterated his stand that India will not tolerate anymore(?) attacks.

Wondering whether it is a right of any citizen of this country to expect security and justice from this Congress government.In India, the government is for the Congress ,by the Congress and with the Congress.

Permanently Muddleheaded (PM) would say something similar after such an attack.Time and again our CC(Congress Crooks) have proven that it would pamper terrorists but kill thousands of Indians(1984 crusade) on a whim.

Each time, an attack is carried out, it would be a different face who would utter these statements with added feelings.The Joker Prince of CC had earlier said that he can defeat terrorism in 15 minutes.

Now, it is Home minister’s turn to be a joker.What is guaranteed from these CC are fun and amusement.Joker of the week award goes to P Chidambaram.

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