The Candid Eye

October 25, 2009

World gears up for a peaceful tomorrow

When Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addressed the second Israeli Presidential Conference on Tuesday titled ‘Facing Tomorrow’, he hoped that if tomorrow comes, it would be peaceful.

So he spread his message of cheer and comfort among the August gathering at the gala opening of the three-day event that was inaugurated by President Shimon Perez and began with a video message from President Barak Obama, in the presence of world leaders from USA, Europe, ministers from China, ambassadors and representatives from the UN, research scientists, engineers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and Noble Laureates.

The guru, who has a huge following in Israel, applied his own brand of narrative medicine, which is about healing yourself by hearing the stories of others. Touching upon a gamut of topics from climate change to the leadership issues in Israel and Palestine, a concerned Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said he was optimistic that patience and perseverance will bring peace in the region. With his wit and humor, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar brought a sense of lightness and laughter to an atmosphere.

Israel’s renowned talk show host Dan Shilon was the moderator for the session with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on a panel, along with President Shimon Perez, Jimmy Wales, the founder for Wikipedia, Andre Azoulay, Counsellor of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, Cecilia Attias, President of Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women, and entrepreneur and philanthropist Guma Aguiar.

Israel’s TV & Radio 2 stated, “No doubt, the most colourful and interesting talk was by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.” They quoted Sri Sri’s address saying, “vision and mission is needed among the youth towards resolving the conflict.” A statement issued by the president’s office noted that the conference was being held amid a number of significant problems facing the world. It listed them as the ongoing economic crisis, continuing ecological deterioration, political instability in the Middle East and Iran’s push to acquire nuclear weapons.

Leading economic, political, intellectual, and technological experts from Israel and the world will address these issues in this year’s conference, Perez’s’ office said.


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