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October 12, 2009

Is police in Kashmir Valley endorsing Islamist agenda?

A Hindu youth from Jammu, who was arrested by Ram Munshi Bagh police and kept under custody has been found to be dead under suspicious circumstances. It is being alleged that Rajneesh Sharma was killed because he married a muslim girl.

SOUNDS COMMUNAL but it is a fact that Kashmiris including politicians, bureaucrats and other high profile officials are ruling according to the law of Islam, which according to the radicals preaches that end of non- Muslims is the ultimate success of Jehad.

The death of a young boy from Jammu, Rajneesh Sharma, who was in the custody of Ram Bagh police station in Srinagar under mysterious circumstances is a clear pointer to the communal intolerance in the police and administration ranks. Sharma was accused of kidnapping a muslim girl, but his family members claim that he had no connection with any kidnapping case.

Going through recent developments in Rammunshi Bagh police station it is evidently an eye opener in this direction. As, in a police cell where a blanket, tooth brush or even a paper pin is not tavailable normally, then, from where the rope came, with which Rajneesh was found hanged.

Contrary to police version several political, social and religious organizations have raised strong questions on the manner in which the matter is being handled. Earlier, there has been big drama whenever any death occurred in custody by Kashmiris but why is not any body raising voice over the suspicious and tragic death of a Jammu youth, asked the organizational heads and spokespersons of different parties and groups.



It may be worth to mention that in the name of custodial killings, Kashmiris have raised hue and cry against CRPF, Army and J&K Police every now and then but once the custodial death came in fore of a Hindu boy from Jammu where are these so called protectors of Human Rights Violation and custodian killing watch dogs, asks the believers of Kashmiriat.

“Suspending some unfortunate police cops under a planned design is not going to do, time has come when every commoner has to become a policeman, a journalist and a judge” said a religious leader and added that in the name of secularism and democracy Hindus of India have suffered unprecedented and irreparable losses but time has come when Hindus of India should wake up and stand unitedly to defeat the nefarious designs of the enemy.

“When Jammu and Kashmir government could order a CBI inquiry in the Shopian case , than why not in the case of Rajneesh” asked a student and added that it is acid test moment for government of Jammu and Kashmir as well as for the government of India as appeasement policy towards Kashmiris has been already exposed and response to the tragic custodial death of Rajneesh will be a clear eye opener for Hindus of Jammu in particular and of entire world in general.

The custodial death of a Sarwal youth in Sringar triggered tension outside Mortuary department of GMC after family members alleged police hand in the death of the youth instead of suicidal case and also targeted police for providing wrong information in case by mentioning death of elder brother rather than younger.

Mystery shrouds the death of a youth Rajneesh Sharma of Sarwal, whose dead body was shifted from Srinagar to Jammu in the name of his elder brother Pawan Sharma on Wednesday. Rajneesh son of Lt. Nanak Chand Sharma of Sarwal was picked by Bakshi Nagar police on September 30 and handed over to a police team from Ram Munshi Bagh police.

A case of kidnapping had been lodged against Rajneesh by family members of Amina, daughter of a house boat owner in Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Read the full report here.

Meanwhile BJP wants arrest of police officials & Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant says that Ameena,got converted to Hinduism and married Rajneesh Sharma,thus  making the Srinagar musilms angry which led to the custodial death of Rajneesh Sharma.



  1. i am really disturbed by the news item. Although i consider myself secular & not attached to any organisation, the news compells me to think whether my thinking is right.

    Comment by S.VERMA — November 21, 2009 @ 2:11 PM | Reply

  2. stop sayin hindus in india aur muslims in india..unless v speak in united fashion v wont behave either….v all r indians nd belong 2 dis country…lets make r diversity r strength after all variety is d spice of life…..

    Comment by BHUMIKA MALHOTRA — January 19, 2010 @ 1:17 AM | Reply

  3. Killing of an innocent Hindu boy will not at all disturb our scoundrel politicians.Had a Muslim been killed , a lot of hue and cry would have been raised since they are the so called VOTE BANK even if they are involved in most of the terrorist activities in India and most of the world.

    Comment by Anjan — July 2, 2010 @ 6:39 PM | Reply

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