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September 27, 2009

Chick publications – The traitor

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Excerpts from Wikipedia,

Chick Publications is an American publishing company founded and run by Jack T. Chick which produces and markets Protestant fundamentalist pamphlets, DVDs, VCDs, videos, books, and posters. Chick Publications’ best-known products are Chick tracts, which are comic tracts that are available in nearly 100 languages. Arguably all of its products promote and seek to win converts to Christian fundamentalism. While the tracts express views that are generally accepted within Christian theology, e.g. the Incarnation of Christ, they are also often seen as controversial, even by some Christians, for views and criticisms against cultures, religions and theological concepts. Chick’s “espous[ing] a variety of hateful doctrines” have moved the Southern Poverty Law Center to label the organization as a hate group.

Chick Publications is based in Rancho Cucamonga with a mailing address in Ontario, California. All of Chick Publications’ tracts, and several excerpts from his full-length comics, may be read without charge at the Chick website. Many older tracts are out of print; however, Chick Publications will print a minimum 10,000 tract special order of any out-of-print series.

Chick’s claims about Catholic, Masonic, Satanic, etc., conspiracies are based in large part on the testimony of people who claim to have been members of these groups before converting to Evangelical Christianity, most prominently Rivera and Schnoebelen. Many of Chick’s critics consider these sources to be frauds or fantasists. Nevertheless, many Chick supporters believe their claims to be legitimate.

The Chick Publications website is blocked in Singapore. In December 2008, a Singaporean couple was charged with sedition for distributing the Chick tracts The Little Bride and Who Is Allah?, said to “to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between Christians and Muslims in Singapore”.

Why does India hesitate to do the same thing for this website?For people who ask what these guys are upto,here is a sample cartoon.Click here.

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