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September 22, 2009

Hindu observes ‘roza’, Muslim studies ‘vachanas’

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Hindu observes ‘roza,’ Muslim studies ‘vachanas’

16 September 2009

BAGALKOT: Breaking religious barriers, a Dalit Hindu leader here has been observing ‘roza’ during this holy month of Ramzan, while a 27-year old

Muslim youth has set forth on a spiritual tour to study Hindu scriptures.

Standing out as a symbol of unity, Ramchandra Khatedar, a Dalit leader and director of a local urban bank here, has been on fast during Ramzan. The 53-year old Khatedar has been doing so for the past 22 years.

“I believe in God, he is in every religion. God is one. We have to perform our duties irrespective of caste, creed and religion,” said Khatedar.

While 27-year-old Muslim youth, Salim Shekh, hailing from Haveri district was bade an emotional farewell on Saturday, as he set out to Himachal Pradesh to study about Hindu scriptures, religion and yoga.

Shekh had earlier been impressed by the 12th century social reformer Basvanna’s Vachana Sahitya, short insightful poems in Kannada, and had studied them. He later met Jagadguru Jaya Mrutuyanjaya swami of Pancham Sali Peeth Kudlsangam in Bagalkot district.

The Jagadguru blessed him and christened him as swami Sangamanand and encouraged him to study the scriptures in details.

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