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August 24, 2009

Conversion attempt by missionaries

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One of my friend’s relative was lured by the missionaries and got converted into Christianity.Now he stopped coming home and demanding other family members also to convert!What a change?This thing might have happened to many.Everyone in his/her lifetime sometime or other might have been approached by these vendors.

A nice video from youtube shows how an young girl, Saraswati handles two of her friends who apparently trying to convert her.Very informative and funny video indeed!

August 23, 2009

Cow head in Ganapathy temple

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+++++++++++++++++++Shocking News +++++++++++++++++++++++

No dearth for criminals/radical elements in our society is what this incident reminded me.Hurting ones religious sentiments has become a routine for these people.As usual there is not a single congress minister/politician who came down heavily on this.Good for radical elements and they continue to enjoy unflinching support from the goverment which is not interested in finding out the culprits immediately.

Commotion was witnessed around Mahaganapati Temple, Sharavu in the city here in the afternoon on Saturday August 15 with people gathering in a protest following the incident wherein a head of the cow from the slaughter house was placed before the main entrance of the temple.

Mahaganpathy Temple : Image Courtesy - Daiji world

Mahaganpathy Temple : Image Courtesy - Daiji world

However, the situation was brought under control with deploying of police personnel following the incident in the morning. An owner of a shop near the temple, who was an eye witness said that a head of the cow was found in the morning, but was removed as per the direction of the chief priest soon after his arrival to the temple.More on this is here.

+++++++++++++++++++Shocking News +++++++++++++++++++++++

August 22, 2009

Chris Reed & Art of Living

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In the late 1980s, Chris Reed rented out space at a small brewery and made a small batch of ginger beer. He bottled the concoction himself with a funnel, and even glued his own labels that read “Reed’s Ginger Brew”. He then hit the streets, where he peddled his product to local grocery stores and cafes. Little did he know his small venture would turn into a fiercely growing US$55-million enterprise.

Within a couple of hours, all of the stores had sold out. People who tasted  his soda , had started taking the  whole soda case.After 18 months, Reed’s Ginger Brew became a national brand.

His company Reed’s, Inc became public only in 2007 and within the same year the stocks were traded at a price of $8.5 per share.It was quite unbelievable for many.Soon his company Reed’s Inc became favourite for many investors.

A former chemical engineer who studied in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY was inclined towards healthy way of living and natural remedies.He was fascinated by medicinal properties of ginger.So He went on to brew his own ginger brew.

Bouncing Back from Failure with Art of Living Course

Bouncing Back from Failure with Art of Living Course : Image Courtesy - Forbes

He is now at 50 and his company shares are traded $2.2 .This is low as compared to the earlier prices.This shows his commitment to naturopathy and its benefits.He faced a lawsuit of $2.7 million ,when his company was about to go public.

Chris Reed says he felt like it was the end of his career.He went on a retreat thru Art of Living foundation.He spent the whole in the workshop meditating,eating light vegetarian meals etc.

He says “A lot of times I find problems aren’t as bad as I think they are, but my reaction to them is horrendous at first. It’s the hardest thing in the world to walk away”.


Chris Reed – Bouncing back

Reed’s Inc

Chris Reed and his $55 million gourmet soda business

Interview with Chris Reed

August 21, 2009

Unleash your Creativity – 3

From this site.


In spite of personal, family and social disadvantages of smocking, the cigarrettes are not yet fully banned in countries. The so called ban in public place is not observed strictly. Passive smocking causes a lot of harm, sometime more than person smocking himself/herself.

August 20, 2009

Unleash your Creativity – 2

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I am tired of seeing same type of stationary, clothes, miscellaneous and food shops around the city. They carry not only same types of items, they even arrange it in the similar fashion! It has become so much mechanical! They are just following the trends of supermarkets and franchising outlets. Where has the local ingenuity gone?

In my childhood, there used to be wonderful wooden toys from Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. Trucks, other working toys made of wood. I had great fascination of them. Now a days a simple toy like a ball with a rubber string which glows when you whirl it in circle – comes from China, Japan! Are we losing local talent and creativity? Really, how much innovation does it take to put together few ideas from electricity, mechanics and make toys!?

Indians invented one of the most complex mind games- Chess. Lately, for any board games, we need to look outside – we hardly have any new games being created. In fact, the local sports like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi are losing charm in youngsters, due to media craze of other sports, and these games which totally test your stamina and power are slowly drying up in interest.

Of course, the winds of change are flowing, and some enthusiastic youth in Mumbai, Bangalore and other places have decided to put life on the boring monotonous colors of the city walls and add color to them in this Wall Project.



Painter-himselfImmense talent rests potentially in the youth of India… It needs to be nourished and brought up. The Wall Project youth are taking up the Biggest Canvas:- Tulsi Pipe Road Wall,15-16 August 2009.

August 19, 2009

Film Piracy, Organized Crime and Terrorism

Think before you buy next time that 40-60 Rs pirated CD/DVD from Streets- you might be funding terrorists who could bomb your city risking your/your friends/your relatives lives.
The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. The RAND corp. has conducted a research on the Film Piracy, Organized Crime and Terrorism. The complete report is available here.MG742 The research was conducted and the findings validated independently under the joint auspices of the Center for Global Risk and Security, part of the RAND Corporation’s National Security Research Division, and the Safety and Justice
Program in RAND Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment. The study was made possible by a grant from the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

Though some readers question the validity of study because of its funding from a movie industry, it is evident that the connection exists, and if one goes through complete report, one can see the extensive research undergone. In their study,
some 2,000 pages of primary documents were analyzed, and interviews were conducted with more than 120 law enforcement and intelligence agents from more than 20 countries.

Low cost legal dvd selling companies have already highlighted the connection between piracy and terrorism in their advertisements. While the connection may or may not exist to the extent depicted, it is clearly a copyright violation, and has to be shunned down by intellectual property law reinforcement menthods. Particularly, when it is happening in such a large scale, in public places. A simple calculation:- in front of A2B restaurant, Indirangar,Bangalore, 6 vendors were noticed selling pirated DVDs. Each vendor had approximately 900 DVDs. Assuming average selling price of 50, each vendor’s turnover will be 45,000 Rs, over a duration of may be maximum of 3 months. For a youngster who is not employed, this is an easy money. One of them mentioned that manufacturing company is in Mangalore. When a citizen can get this much information easily, why our police is not taking a stern action against such frauds? Continuing the calculation, 45000×6 = 2,70,000 Rs are generated by just one location. There are definitely atleast 50 such locations in the city, and turnover goes above 1 Crore. In recent times, the rise in such vendors has gone up, and their source of supply of the DVDs needs to be tracked down.

August 18, 2009

Jeopardizing our social security?

Government’s first and foremost job is to give social security to its people. How secure do you feel in your city? Be it daytime/evening or night:- incidences of theft, robbery, murder and planned explosions have shown that the Government has miserably failed in strict security of the society. 

So, when they cannot offer security, they start bringing down the social practices – no late night discos, no late night eat-outs, and now no late night movie shows even. And what is definition of late night? 11 pm? If the trend continues, people would stop going out of homes at times after 8pm- since the shops are anyways closed, so also food joints and social activity centers, where they would want to go out for?

This rule of last movie show by 8:30 pm is just an example of how weak the social security system is. In other words it says “we cannot guarantee you safe travel post 11pm to your homes.” Isn’t that ridiculous in the free country like India? Are our lives at stake in our own country? Where is the law and order establishment of the Government working then?

They started with curtailing the timing s of social activity, and started frisking each and every citizen that enters malls and theaters for any socially harmful carriers. It all stems from the terrorists attacks that occurred simultaneously in several parts of the city. Not once, but again and again. What do terrorists want to convey? That you are not safe, and your lives are at our mercy, and hence you succumb to our demands. 

By not nipping these activities at the bud, the Government is doing a great sin towards the citizens of this country. A stern and clear closure of all boundaries of the Nation is an urgency. Strict action on all local agencies supporting foreign terrorist intentions is a must. A bright and confident portrait of the Country’s outlook to the neighboring Countries is necessary, so that they do not even think of harming the citizens of this country.

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