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August 22, 2009

Chris Reed & Art of Living

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In the late 1980s, Chris Reed rented out space at a small brewery and made a small batch of ginger beer. He bottled the concoction himself with a funnel, and even glued his own labels that read “Reed’s Ginger Brew”. He then hit the streets, where he peddled his product to local grocery stores and cafes. Little did he know his small venture would turn into a fiercely growing US$55-million enterprise.

Within a couple of hours, all of the stores had sold out. People who tasted  his soda , had started taking the  whole soda case.After 18 months, Reed’s Ginger Brew became a national brand.

His company Reed’s, Inc became public only in 2007 and within the same year the stocks were traded at a price of $8.5 per share.It was quite unbelievable for many.Soon his company Reed’s Inc became favourite for many investors.

A former chemical engineer who studied in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY was inclined towards healthy way of living and natural remedies.He was fascinated by medicinal properties of ginger.So He went on to brew his own ginger brew.

Bouncing Back from Failure with Art of Living Course

Bouncing Back from Failure with Art of Living Course : Image Courtesy - Forbes

He is now at 50 and his company shares are traded $2.2 .This is low as compared to the earlier prices.This shows his commitment to naturopathy and its benefits.He faced a lawsuit of $2.7 million ,when his company was about to go public.

Chris Reed says he felt like it was the end of his career.He went on a retreat thru Art of Living foundation.He spent the whole in the workshop meditating,eating light vegetarian meals etc.

He says “A lot of times I find problems aren’t as bad as I think they are, but my reaction to them is horrendous at first. It’s the hardest thing in the world to walk away”.


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