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August 20, 2009

Unleash your Creativity – 2

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I am tired of seeing same type of stationary, clothes, miscellaneous and food shops around the city. They carry not only same types of items, they even arrange it in the similar fashion! It has become so much mechanical! They are just following the trends of supermarkets and franchising outlets. Where has the local ingenuity gone?

In my childhood, there used to be wonderful wooden toys from Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. Trucks, other working toys made of wood. I had great fascination of them. Now a days a simple toy like a ball with a rubber string which glows when you whirl it in circle – comes from China, Japan! Are we losing local talent and creativity? Really, how much innovation does it take to put together few ideas from electricity, mechanics and make toys!?

Indians invented one of the most complex mind games- Chess. Lately, for any board games, we need to look outside – we hardly have any new games being created. In fact, the local sports like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi are losing charm in youngsters, due to media craze of other sports, and these games which totally test your stamina and power are slowly drying up in interest.

Of course, the winds of change are flowing, and some enthusiastic youth in Mumbai, Bangalore and other places have decided to put life on the boring monotonous colors of the city walls and add color to them in this Wall Project.



Painter-himselfImmense talent rests potentially in the youth of India… It needs to be nourished and brought up. The Wall Project youth are taking up the Biggest Canvas:- Tulsi Pipe Road Wall,15-16 August 2009.

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