The Candid Eye

August 17, 2009

From war-zone to Art of Living’s tranquility

‘I feel so safe and beautiful from within’

A group of 35-odd people from various Islamic nations are seeking a different kind of IT in India’s information technology capital Bengaluru. They have come all the way to write a programme of ‘Inner Transformation’ — for themselves and for the people back home.


The members of the motley group, including nationals from Morocco, Palestine, Iraq and Pakistan, are currently undergoing training at the Art of Living International Centre in the city, to become AOL instructors.

“The war and the ongoing violence took me to a point where I felt that I will collapse any minute. I often had suicidal thoughts. I had become heartless; no relation mattered to me. Then I was introduced to the Art of Living by a friend in 2000. Thanks to it, now I feel more optimistic, balanced and ready for anything in life. It has made me go deep within my faith and now I feel so safe and beautiful from within,” says Yusuf Majid, a 50-year-old from Lebanon.

“Now I want to take this skill of managing life to my people; make them experience what I did and give them a chance to make this beautiful change — in their own lives and that of others,” he adds.

Image: The group at the Art of Living training session
Photographs: Vicky Nanjappa

From Rediff.


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