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August 1, 2009

Dawood and Pakistan

Whenever India demands something related with Dawood Ibrahim,Pakistan usually keeps silence or it denies the allegations.It seems Dawood and Pakistan are married to each other and have been happily ruining  lives of thousands of people across the world ever since.

Came across this news on Dawood Ibrahim, the mastermind of  numerous blasts in India and abroad.Excerpts from the report with additional information and comments..

Dawood Ibrahim, the spouse of Pakistan

Dawood Ibrahim, the spouse of Pakistan

India on Wednesday said Pakistan has not responded to its consistent demand for handing over underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and others fugitives.

“We have consistently asked Pakistan to hand over Ibrahim and others to us. The demand has been made in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007…. But, unfortunately there has been no response from Pakistan so far,” Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur said in the Lok Sabha.

The issue was also brought to the United Nations Security Council, which has declared Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jamat-ud-Dawa as terrorist outfits having links with Ibrahim, she said during the Question Hour.

On whether the government has assessed the impact of Pakistan’s ongoing conflict with Taliban on India, Kaur said, “Strengthening of our defences against terrorism is a continuous process.Read more on this…

Meanwhile, an interesting article on Dawood Ibrahim by Ghulam Hasnain,a pakistani journalist,appeared in Newsline in 2001.The cover story says, why Pakistan keeps mum whenever India demands Dawood be extradited.Excerpts from this article..

“To win the loyalty of a person is the most difficult task in the world,” Dawood Ibrahim, 46, would tell his brother gangsters. This former street urchin and son of a Mumbai police constable seems to have managed to earn it manifold. Hated by many, Dawood’s employees and associates adore him, and would go to any length for him, including murder.

People who have worked for this Mumbai underworld don, known as the ‘Gold Man,’ maintain he never abandons his men. He is also unfailingly courteous and unstintingly generous. “If you are having dinner with him, he will make sure he starts after everyone else. If you ask him for money, he will never question how much you want. He hands out a substantial sum and if you ask how much of it you can keep, he says, ‘It’s all yours, take whatever you want.’” But Dawood does not brook fools either, or those who disobey him. And those who betray him usually do so at the cost of their lives.Read the entire article here.

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