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July 26, 2009

Triple Eclipse and its repercussions

A part of rare astronomical phenomenon has already started happening and this triple eclipse has triggered an interesting and intense discussions among people in India. DK Hari has already written a book on this triple eclipse phenomenon, He says, there always destructive things happened in the past, when a triple eclipse series associated with it. Hence, he says this triple eclipse might bring up something destructive. The total solar eclipse, that happened this year is of the longest duration in this century.

Check out here,what BBC  says about eclipses?

Annular Eclipse

Annular Eclipse

Triple eclipse phenomenon is not new to Indian Astrologers who have such an accurate knowledge of astronomy and planetary positions for centuries, and can predict these with precision. VEDIK-INDIA SOCIETY, a non-profit organisation, dedicated to the well-being of mankind through the preservation of Vedic traditions, scriptures and practices is performing a Prapancha Shanti Yajna , which will continue till 2012. More details can be found here:

Prapanja Shanti Yajnam on Triple Eclipse

Eclipses occur in patters depending upon the duration of the eclipse, how much of the sun or moon is covered during the eclipse and so on. These patterns are called Saros Cycle. More about these can be found from:-

NASA’s website on Eclipses

You can even download and play the specific chanting ringtones specific to your birth Zodiac sign and other details, from this website, for peace to your life during time of eclipses:-

Birth Chant & Ringtone for protection from the Eclipse

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