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July 23, 2009

Aurangzeb as per Mughal records


Aurangzeb as per Mughal records is a fantastic exhibition that was being shown in many parts of the country, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. Video of its inauguration in Bangalore is here. It contains factual history of Aurangzeb as per Mughal records, in form of paintings. When it went to Chennai, the local Muslim groups protested against it being open to exhibition. The Police took quick action of vandalism, destroyed the paintings and arrested women who conducted the exhibit. Isn’t it a barbaric action on the freedom of expression? Is history a toy in hands of rulers to modify, censor it? History has to be presented as it is, the meaning of the word Itihas in Samskrit for the History is “This is how it happened”. The exhibit is set of paintings based on Aurangzeb’s own court cronicles. What objection can you have for such an authentic source of information? If there is objection, it needs to be filed as a court suit and not destroyed forcefully.

The exhibit is available for view online, at this website. The exhibition is put up by FACT India, Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism. FACT India has filed an online petition for compensation for damage and apology.

Some snapshots:-


Demolition of Somnath Temple

Shivaji Maharaj walking away in court of Aurangzeb

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj walking away in court of Aurangzeb

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