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July 13, 2009

Goddess Lakshmi on meat Sandwich

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Burger King, which runs a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in more than 70 countries, has apologised for running an advertisement in Spain that offended the Hindus.

Image Courtesy - Hindu America foundation

Image Courtesy - Hindu America foundation

Earlier, HAF had demanded Burger King to remove the offensive advert,which hurt sentiments of billion hindus worldwide.The image of goddess Lakshmi is shown here,sitting atop of a meat sandwich and with a caption which says ‘A snack that’s sacred’ in Spanish.

This is not the first time that sacred symbols are mis used in this manner to denigrate them and in subtler way it says that Hindus and Hindu gods are a level below others.

Though Burger King has apologised for its act,the damage has been done already and it has done so keeping in mind its interests and business prospects.Whatever reason was told to issue such an advertisement is the same reason for its withdrawal of the advert.

Sources: RediffHAF

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