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July 9, 2009

Kasab and Afzal – Two eyes of Congress!

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Mohammed Ajmal Kasab is bored being lonely in the prison and has asked the judge, hearing his case,some kind of entertainment.“I am bored and need books to read,” Kasab told Judge M L Tahaliyani.Kazmi,Kasab’s lawyer says,Kasab has finished reading all the four books he had given him earlier and he wants more books now.

This is a good sign and a friendly gesture from India to the terrorists who attacked and killed its citizens.A much needed one from our judicial system and our congress goverment.Rahul Gandhi had earlier said in an interview, that terrorism can be stopped in 15 minutes if congress is elected to power.

He is silent now.Will he open his mouth now?Can he try to expedite the process of giving justice to our people?No.He can’t.But,if it is for Kasab and Afzal,he will be supporting indirectly by doing nothing about that.No body from Congress government has come down heavily on these blood thirsty beasts.

After seeing all the drama on Kasab and Afzal,people have lost faith in our judiciary.Congress has done/doing everything to protect the interests of all but Indians.Law and Justice minister,Veerappa Moily,is only concerned about the Afzals and Kasabs and not a bit about the police men or people who were killed by these terrorists.

Arundhati Roy came forward for the cause of Afzal.Yes..Thats what she intended when she protested against the hanging of Afzal.It will not be a wonder,if she comes in support of Kasab.Who knows?She might give ‘God of Small Things’ as a gift to this guy.But,he will need Urdu version.

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