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June 8, 2009

When will we throw out these corrupt stooges?

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President Prathibha Patil, a pro-congress president, has recently said that Internal security will remain the thrust area of the government with “zero-tolerance” towards terrorism and will tackle it in a “time-bound” manner. This decision from the head of the state is welcome and such attitude towards terrorism is indeed necessary.But this news has made me to change my mind.Infact,one would come to a conclusion that all these are not more than mere rhetoric.Time and again Congress government has proved that Indian lives are cheaper in the world.One can easily kill hundreds of people in this country and still expects he be comforted by the police. How did he get the courage to make such demands?

It is the naiveness and appeasement mentality of this Congress government, that has made us to stoop even to our enemy.Though there are numerous statements from India that talks with Pakistan will not begin unless and until it shows and proves its committment and sincerity in bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai mayhem before justice,Pakistan doesn’t seem to be bothered at all.Recent release of Muhammed Sayeed,the LeT chief, by the Pakistan high court confirms this.

Even when our people get killed in terrorist attacks,this goverment doesn’t care to send a strong signal to Pakistan.The rogue, Pakistan demanding more evidence in this matter simply shows its closedness and unwillingness for any co-operation and meaningful dialogue.In order to please USA, the goverment is attempting a futile, dangerous effort.When US is not ready to repeat the mistake with N.Korea, it is asking other countries to do that mistake.Islamabad isn’t any better than Pyongyang.When will our Congress goverment learn from its mistakes? or When will we throw out these corrupt stooges?Till then, we cannot stop Kasabs and Sayeeds from killing our people and asking for red carpet treatment.As Mr.Gautier says,we need to go thru this bad karma of our country.


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