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June 4, 2009

Decision Engine….

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Tired of looking numerous websites to get that single piece of information that you need?You may want to buy some latest model laptop,digital camera or virtually anything that you need after doing a lot of painstaking research on the net to decide which product is the best in quality and gives value for money.

You may want to fly to your destination and want to know the best possible offers or deals that umpteen airlines have to offer.You will find yourself searching madly that specific deal suitable for you which offers the lowest airfare with superior service.

You may want to stay in a hotel in a new city and want to know the comfortable,easy-to-reach, cheaper hotel.You may not get your hotel of choice without spending an hour/two on the internet, reading the reviews of the users in the various websites and forums to make a decision.

You may want to send a nice flower bouquet to your beloved ones.You don’t know who are all the florists who can deliver this bouquet on time and at a discounted rate.You may again have to do the reasearch on the net for sometime.

Well..The “Bing” team says you don’t have to do all these things anymore..For more information check out here.

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