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June 3, 2009

Hafeez Muhammed Sayeed released!!

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Hafeez Muhammed Sayeed, the founder of Jamat-Ud-Dawa, the political wing of LeT, has been released by the Lahore court yesterday.He is the mastermind begind Mumbai terror attacks.Kasab had already confessed in the court, he received training from LeT in Pakistan.In spite of this and many more evidences provided by India to Pakistan on this issue have been ignored and Pakistan blames India for Sayeed’s release.

Earlier, it was Pakistan goverment which reportedly produced evidences againt JuD for its alleged links with Al-Qaida and detained him for the same.Now it says, India has failed to produce the evidences and has released citing lack of evidences given by India.In a more shocking revelation,this group is suspected of having control over Nuclear missiles in Pakistan.

Mohammed Ajmak Amir Kasab,the captured terrorist of LeT,is saying that he has not killed anybody in Mumbai.Meanwhile,India’s external affairs minister, Prenet Kaur has sympathized with rogue state Pakistan, and also said India wants to good relations with Pakistan.I am not sure what does she mean by India and good relations – Sonia & Co? or People of India?More on this indigestible news here.

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Pakistan’s war against terrorism is farce.

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