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May 15, 2009

One World – One God – One Religion

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Evangelists say there is only one way,One God,One holy bible and there is no other way that can possibly give people the salvation.They say all the other ways lead you to hell.So they are asking people to be in hell in this life to go to heaven at the end.The sinister agenda of the Evangelists have lead them to almost eveywhere in the world in their relentless crusade against other faiths.We will build you a house,get you a job. You will convert to our faith.This is the deal brokered between these crooked businessmen and the innocent people who are in need.The message is ‘Jump in the hell to go to heaven’.This kind of proselytization is equivalent to illegal pyramid scheme.There is a little difference in this business.The recruiters give money to the customers and inturn they receive fresh converts.What do these recruiters really gain?Fame,Recognition among similar people,Close proximity with Opus Dei etc..are a few benefits.Opus Dei, sitting at the top of the pyramid enjoys unquestioned authority over converts.Pyramid scheme in the business world is illegal but not so in religious business.

There were/are many instances in which these schemes fare badly and not able to attract newer enrollments often.So they,the owners of  the company have decided to go for imitation and enculturation of other faiths.This make their business look traditional.With this newly devised sinister agenda,these agents are tirelessly working round the clock at Opus Dei’s beck and call to enroll gullible masses.But a tiger is a tiger even if it is under the guise of cow.One such tiger has been exposed recently in Bangalore.Please check here. Also here.

Even the war torn countries are not spared.These evangelists are on hunting spree for heathens.They don’t care about whether it is legal or right thing to do.They do take preferences of other people, only when that innocent person has been sufficiently brainwashed so that he cannot comprehend the real intention of these religious zealots.They say they are giving freedom to these converted people.But where is the freedom of worshipping?US soldiers in Afghanistan have been filmed with local language Bibles and urged to be “witnesses for Jesus” despite anti-proselytising rules.Check out here.

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