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May 13, 2009

India is responsible for 26/11 attacks!!

Wondering who is saying this?Well.It is Pakistanis according to the recent survey conducted by International Republican Institute based in Washington.Check out here.Thanks to the false propaganda that is being carried out by Pakistan media  and Ullemas in Pakistan.Normally these kind of opinion polls are conducted among educated urban people.These educated people ,brainwashed by Madarassas are in perpetual hatred against India and Hindus.If 26/11 attacks could not  make them see the truth and the abyss in which they have been trapped,then India cannot succeed by merely asking Pakistan to stop terrorism.As Narendra Modi says,’We need to teach them a lesson in the language they understand’.Soft approach on terrorism of Congress led India has made our country a laughing stock in the world.Thanks to AR Antulay,the recently resigned congress minister for saying it could be a handiwork of Hindus.

Had the terror strikes not happened in Mumbai, our patriot,Dr.Zahir Naik might have said that LeT is innocent and it is the handiwork of India.After all he said he backs Osama Bin Laden. When religious zealots like him are freely roaming in our country and brainwashing (Misnomer : inspiring) the muslims,the time is not far for India to become safe haven for terrorists.What made these people to act in certain ways that create havoc in a country and destruction of people and property?Who is responsible?The Ullemas and Muslim Clerics who claim themselves as the ones who know about the God, are instigating hatred among muslims and misguide them to massacre all the non-muslims to get an oneway ticket to heaven.Sonia led Congress goverment shamelessly acquiesced to the demands of these hardcore religious bigots and have given CBSE status to Madarassas,which aims to bring out the best form of terrorism in the world.

These Madarassas will compete against each other in producing worldclass terrorist with the tax payers money.It is utter foolishness to give CBSE status and aid to Madarassas – It is apt to say that India is the only country in the world which  is digging its own pit by funding terrorists and educating them in Sharia law.Oneday,India will have to promote terror tourism by saying ‘Visit Once..Return Never’, if same kind of appeasement continues.

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