The Candid Eye

May 10, 2009

Stick To Your Ground

  1. So many times, fundamentalists from other religions have taken advantage of drawbacks of Hinduism like caste system, to criticize, malign it, and encourage conversion activities.
  2. It was further exploited by leaders advocating so called lower castes for their personal benefits, by making it a controversial issue, instead of giving solutions.
  3. Further, the pseudo secular vote bank politicians enforced the issue and dug it into the psyche that if you get minority or lower caste status, you will harvest maximum benefits by means of reservation. They not only did not give any solutions, but stopped the people from so called lower castes from getting empowered. In America, the blacks were minority, they were in fact treated as slaves, but the government never gave them reservations or other appeasement. Through their own efforts, the blacks empowered themselves, and now they have a Black President.
  4. Through its appeasement and reservation policies, the governments of India have further divided its people, and created permanent stratification in the society. Outgrowth of this policy  is seen in Gujjar agitation, demanding SC status, and even then politicians like Mayawati continue to encourage such decline by promising SC status to 16 more categories of people as an election agenda.
  5. Reservation and encouraging scholarships are alright on economy basis, but not on caste basis, this is absolute violation of the fundamental rights of equality irrespective of religion, gender, caste. This is certainly not secular. Dr. Ambedkar had proposed the reservation system only for ten years after the independence, but power greedy politicians and their vote bank politics continued the reservation system on and on.
  6. The result is atrocities on so called upper castes also, and continued fights between lower and upper castes.
  7. Here is an important message in this regard, to understand that there has been lot of work by many saints in India, for upliftment of lower castes, and bringing harmony in all. stick-to-your-ground-29-august-251
  8. Do reservations really help? Now they have started giving reservations in IIT and public government job sectors also. Imagine someone coming to IIT without clearing the fierce competition of best of the brains in the country. Obviously he/she didn’t have the required education and training. Now he/she will face problems in clearing the subjects. Will other students help, because you get help mainly if you can give help also. And these kids won’t have anything to look back in their families also, because they are an IITian now, and they will have high expectations. More and more failures and suicides are likely in such scenario.

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