The Candid Eye

May 1, 2009

Black Money & How Congress shot itself in the foot!

Here are some articles on Black money in the swiss banks.

Swiss black money can take India to top by Professor Vaidyanathan & Swiss money: Congress calls Advani a liar.After this, the Election Strategist Channel of Congress, NDTV,had published an article ‘Black money: A Swiss snub for Advani’.

Then the Swiss Bankers Association in its attempt to protect its clients(Read Sonia & Co) has said ‘Black money issue “good election fodder”: Swiss Bankers Assn’ which no one was ready to believe.This news also appeared in ESC of Congress, NDTV.Professor Vaidyanathan also questioned about the debate on black money or lack of it on 24×7 news channels – ‘Illegal Indian money in tax havens: The way we debate it’.When all the 24×7 channels are wagging their tails loyally to Congress, no one had ever expected this issue would boomerang them.Instead of having a public debate on the strategies to be followed to bring back the people’s money to India, they are trying to wag the dog by performing all these stunts.

S Gurumurhty,Convenor of Swadeshi Jagran Manch in an interview with rediff has said –  ‘In 5 years, Indians stashed Rs 688,000 cr illegally’ and he has also put the last nail in the coffin exclusively made for Sonia & Co by this article ‘Who will probe first family’s billions?’

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