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April 30, 2009

First steps…

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A Muslim friend of mine complained that a police inspector on a signal in a circle near to his house looked at him as if he is a terrorist. A similar cry of being suspected prevails in many muslims in India. Unfortunately terrorism has been largely associated with Islam, and with 10-12 cities in India being bombed by Islamic fundamentalist, how is it not possible to doubt a terrorist motive behind any ordinary Muslim?

How can the muslim community get rid of this communal impression against them? By acknowledging and outclassing the fundamentalist groups in Islam.

Islam needs to take such first steps to remove the link of terrorism with it.

The world knows that every muslim is not a terrorist, but most of the terrorists are from Islam. To combat this, Islam leaders need to identify the extremist groups in their religion and release fatwa against them/start outclassing them. Only then the rest of the peaceful muslim community can live with the people of other religions in harmony.



  1. and also not classifying / tagging all terrorist articles under Islam, hain na abhay?

    Comment by Lata — July 20, 2009 @ 12:40 PM | Reply

  2. Hi Lata
    You are right.We don’t have to tag all the terrorism related articles under Islam.An ordinary Indian muslim will not get involved in such activities which harm people.However,some fringe elements have done so and will be doing in future.These fringe elements do so just because they believe certain concepts of Islam.If we don’t challenge those concepts,we will be fighting against terrorism forever.This is my opinion on this.Terrorists believe in certain concepts of Islam.We need to challenge those idelogies.Otherwise we will lose out all the good people in Islam.

    Comment by thecandideye — July 20, 2009 @ 3:29 PM | Reply

  3. Recent news on Kasab..
    Lone surviving gunman of the Mumbai attacks Ajmal Kasab on Sunday claimed that an Indian was also involved in the terror conspiracy, but special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam dismissed it saying there was “some design” behind the statement.

    Kasab told special judge M L Tahilyani that an Indian man named Abu Jindal had taught him and the nine other slain terrorists Hindi during their training course in Lashkar-e-Tayiba camps in Pakistan.

    This is for the first time that Kasab has claimed about the role of an Indian in the terror attack before the special court.

    He had not revealed about Jindal or any other Indian in his statement before a magistrate and the police.

    Reacting to Kasab’s comment, Nikam said the gunman is deliberately making this statement. “He has some designs in making such a confession because earlier he had never disclosed the involvement of any Indian. I strongly suspect that he is not telling the truth,” Nikam told PTI.

    The court is yet to decide on whether or not it is going to accept Kasab’s confession, Nikam said.
    It is very important to verify the veracity of his statement before dismissing it.An attack of this magnitude could not have happened without the help of local people.Whoever they may be,they need to brought before justice and punished if proven true.

    Comment by thecandideye — July 20, 2009 @ 9:06 PM | Reply

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