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April 30, 2009

First steps…

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A Muslim friend of mine complained that a police inspector on a signal in a circle near to his house looked at him as if he is a terrorist. A similar cry of being suspected prevails in many muslims in India. Unfortunately terrorism has been largely associated with Islam, and with 10-12 cities in India being bombed by Islamic fundamentalist, how is it not possible to doubt a terrorist motive behind any ordinary Muslim?

How can the muslim community get rid of this communal impression against them? By acknowledging and outclassing the fundamentalist groups in Islam.

Islam needs to take such first steps to remove the link of terrorism with it.

The world knows that every muslim is not a terrorist, but most of the terrorists are from Islam. To combat this, Islam leaders need to identify the extremist groups in their religion and release fatwa against them/start outclassing them. Only then the rest of the peaceful muslim community can live with the people of other religions in harmony.

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