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April 28, 2009

Catholic Church fears BJP coming to power!

I  read this news.Here below are the excerpts with my comments.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of India expressed apprehensions over the electoral victory of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which it fears might continue its ghastly attitude over minorities.

Father Babu Joseph, a spokesman for the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, said the church feared the results of the ongoing nation elections which is set to conclude on May 13.

The BJP is often accused for fanning communal feelings and pursuing the “Hindutva” agenda that instigates people to attack the minorities. The violence on Christians in Kandhamal, last year, is part of such a campaign.I really don’t understand why these guys, label it as “Hindutva” agenda only when Hindus open their mouth about their religion.Is being a Hindu in India a sin?Do Hindus not have any rights to talk about their religion?The violence in Kandhammal is not a new one.There was tension between two tribal groups since ages.The violence has been happening since 1990 between Kandha tribe who did not convert to christianity and Pana tribe in which most the people got converted to christianity.Religion is the spice added to this clash by missionaries.

“They want to demolish secularism – they’re very clear there has to be a Hindu nation and only Hinduism is acceptable,” says Father Joseph. “Last time the BJP was in power, they began the process of amending the constitution of India to try and take away the rights of the minorities.”Evangelical missionaries have the sole aim of christianising India.In the early 1960’s christian population in Nagaland was less than 10% and today it is more than 98%.The christianity which preaches secularism, cannot accept Hindus without converting them into their religion.They don’t accept anything other than christianity.If Hindus do the same thing they will be termed as communal.

Although the Constitution enshrines the rights of minority groups, with the BJP coming to power, Fr Joseph fears “tomorrow all our institutions, including our schools, could be taken over.” The minority institutions are enjoying special status in India whereas Hindu institutions need to undergo stringent regulations.Reservation is not applicable in minority institutions.Is this not a double standard?

Referring to the August 2008 violence on Christians, Fr Joseph said many who returned to their villages for the reconstruction of their homes were forcefully converted to Hinduism.Have you guys forgotten how Hindus were forcefully and brutally got converted in Goa?Have you guys ever tendered an apology for Goa inquisition by Portuguese?

“It’s like what is happening in Pakistan – trying to apply sharia law. This is the Hindu version of it,” he said, adding, “This is the worst we have seen so far but we wonder what is still to come depending on what kind of party comes into the centre.”Before Christianity came to India, India  was a Hindu Rashtra and it was called as Bharat.If Hinduism teaches Sharia law, then you guys would not have survived these many years.Christians are very well known for terrorising the intellect of the people.You are comparing Sharia law with Hinduism.What will you say for the Tripura Baptist church backing NLFT by providing funds,arms and ammunitions with the aim of creating separate christian state?The Church in Tripura had become a terrorist training camp long ago.

Apart from Orissa, there have also been vehement attacks on Christians in other states ruled by the BJP, including Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Some of them have anti-conversion laws misused against Christians, charging them with “forceful conversions”.Will you keep quiet if I involve in gutter writing about Jesus and Mary similar to Satyadharshini booklet?Is secularism only applicable to and protect  minorities in India?

India now has seven states with legislation banning unregistered or unethical religious conversions.

The BJP mostly uses anti-conversion law as a tool to institutionalize the ideology of Hindu nationalism which envisions a “Hindu nation”.Atleast BJP uses the law whereas the church uses money,arms,insurgent groups to convert people.Which one is legal?Which one is illegal/crime?


  1. article is thought provoking….
    appreciate the efforts of the author.
    one suggestion though is to take out the feel of anger from the article. that would make the article more effective.
    lets appeal all the people to be candid of whats happening in country and not be hypocritic about it. lets not fall in the pit of self denial…
    Let the Arjuna rise in everybody every Indian..may be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhisth, Jew, Parsi or any other religion…for Arjuna stands for enquiry…the quest for truth

    Comment by amit kalyani — April 30, 2009 @ 6:03 PM | Reply

  2. Hi Amit
    Thank you.Agreed.It has the feel of anger.But the feeling of anger has not come unjustified.Thank you again for being candid.

    Comment by thecandideye — April 30, 2009 @ 9:31 PM | Reply

  3. i feel u have alot of hate against minorities esp muslims and chrisitians . ur anger against people like that Dr. Naik is justified but i think ur anger against the average chrisitan is not .

    I was not aware of the ethnic conflict in Orissa before the anti christian riots and i wonder why . If u claim that problems there were this big how come we never heard about it before ? Why is it that they are specifically targetting chrisitans , churches , priests and nuns , indulging in rape of nuns and chrisitans etc ? do u justify that as well ? Being Hindu in India is defunately not a sin , is being a Chrisitian or Muslim in India a sin ? If u ask me today with the hate speeches coming out of people like u i would say Yes ! It is a sin to be a chrisitan or a muslim in India . Christians are a minority and if not for their educational institutions and health care they have nothing . We are just vote banks used by one govt. , accused of forcible conversions and corrupting hindus by other govt and people like u . We are looked upon as outsiders in our own country because our names are different and our religion and customs are a little different . I guess u wouldnt understand all of this , but try looking at both sides of the coin before u come to a judgement .

    About Nagaland , if what u say is true then yes it is wrong in some ways but converting to christianity has brought the Naga people alot of benifits . The Nagas are tribals . Relegated to an SC/ST/OBC class in India . Christian missonaries came in contact with them , converted them yes BUT educated them , opened their eyes to the world , provided them with health care and brought them upto speed with the rest of India and the world . If Nagas feel like having a seperate state I dont really blame them . The majority of mainland Indians refer to North Eastern people as Chinese or Chingy , their language is quite different from the most other Indian languages and they arnt readily accepted into Mainstream India. Maybe these are the reason for them wanting seperation and Independence . Maybe they are seeking out their identy and respect for their identity as well . We should learn to respect and treat them like proper full blooded Indians just like you would treat a guy from Bombay or Delhi . Sikhs have also fought very aggressively for Independence , would you blame the sikh religion or conversions for this ? If u are aware the Golden Temple was were the terrorists were holed up . If one church in tripura supports nagas , what makes u think all churches in India , churches around the world and all christians – indian and foreign support their cause or even know about it ??!! Are u even aware of how many different sects there are in christianity ??!! Dont paint all chrisitans with the same brush for the crimes of a few . Be rational not stupid .

    With relation to ur christian educational institution comment . The BJP govt. in Karnataka is actively trying to impose strict rules and regualtions and take away the autonomy of catholic institutions here . Institutions that have functioned beautifully for 200 odd years and produced some of the best and most accomplished people in all walks of life now suddenly require govt. intervention . All chrisitan schools shut down in Karnataka for a day in protest of the attacks against chrisitans in Mangalore and Orissa . BJP govt. in power in Karnataka threatened to fine , close and take over all Institutions that shut down as a mark of protest without govt. permission . So please like i said get to know both sides of the story before u let ur fingers run loose on the keyboard .

    You want an apology from Portugal that is a secular country now for colonial crimes it committed 500 years ago ?! Would u like an apology from Central Asia countries for terror that Timur brought forth when he ransacked and burnt delhi to bits ? Would u like them to also apoligize for Mohommed of Ghazni for looting the Somnath Temple inumerable times ? Would you like an apology from the Mughals for the religious tax and proscution that hindus underwent during their rule ? Can Mangalorean Catholics get an apology for being almost wiped off by Tipu Sultan 200 years ago ? How can u justify forcible reconversions happening due to mob fury and RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal activist pressure with what religious bigotted idiots did 500 years ago and compare them to religious bigots in Orissa and Mangalore in 2008 – 2009 ! Most christians of west india i.e. Mlore and Goa are products of state sponsored conversion drives and our forefather have lived thru the Inquisition. Its not the proudest of our memories with many Chrisitian Goans feeling to Mangalore to escape the Inquisition 400 years ago because many of us konkan christians still practice our hindu religious traditions and that was a crime punishable by death under the inquisition .

    Your justification is disgusting to say the least .

    India was never a Hindu Rashtra . India is the religion of Pre – Hinduism , Hinduism , Buddism , Jainism , Sikhism , Sufism , Islam , Christianity , Zorastianism and each and every faith that exists in this world . Your warped singular religious view of India is a figment of your imagination and i hope it stays that way . A small joke and dont mind me saying this but ur a religion bigot and u shouldve been born a muslim not a hindu it would suit u better 😉

    With relation to ur booklet and “gutter” writing . I do not know who wrote that booklet , do you ? Do you have an proof of the same ? If it was written by a christian evangalist punish him , if it was written by a RSS/VHP activist to create commotion punish him , if it was written by a muslim punish him , but dont go around vandalizing all churches of various sects and communities and assault innocent men , women and children in the church praying just becuase they happen to be chrisitians .

    Chrisitans do not use money , arms and insurgent groups to convert people ! Who is feeding you this bullshit !

    I am so tired of hearing this warped view that i do not know how many times to keep enlighting u radical bigots .

    Christians are a HUGE group . They are divided in MANY sub groups . The largest of them being Catholics . Catholics do not indulge in conversion actively anymore . They are more concerned with Humanitarian Aid Groups , Health Care and Education . Evangalistic group do indulge in conversions but not forcibly . Yes i have heard of cases of luring converts with money but that is not force ! They offer you money ! they dont rob you of ur money ! If converts place money over God and their religion convictions then that is their choice and problem ! How does it become forcible ! Evangalistic groups even convert catholics to their church and their way of worship ! Please get your facts right before u go around bad mouthing christians !

    Dont demonize chrisitans , we dont deserve this .

    Comment by Indian — May 4, 2009 @ 3:21 PM | Reply

  4. @Indian
    Apologies if I have offended you.I was never angry at any christian/muslim nor I will be.Kandhammal problem is not a new one.I wonder why the media did not say anything on that.Recently in CNN-IBN, there was a debate about the orissa Kandhammal incident and the facilitator from CNN-IBN said christians were attacked and killed.Agreed and it is unpardonable.But when one of the participants said that even Hindus were also killed in the violence, the facilitator has promptly replied saying “Let’s not communalise the problem”.Does secularism only protect minorities?When goverment/media/press fail to acknowledge the attack on and killing of Hindus,what do they have to do?Please tell me.You can only say that christians were attacked and killed when you are ready to acknowledge and accept that Hindus were also attacked and killed.If both the groups are killing each other, then it is called communal riots or Hindu-Christian riots.Then why the media is only saying that christians were killed and attacked while conveniently ignoring the facts that Hindus were also killed.It is known Swamy Lakshmananda was killed by Maoists and 90% of the maoists happen to be Christians.I don’t know why?Can you please explain?Even I am wondering why the Main Stream Media who went overboard when Graham Staines was killed, did not do the same kind of coverage when Swamy Lakshmananda was killed?When you say the murder of Graham Staines was unforgivable offence,you should also say the same to Swamy Laxmananda.Why the media did not do that?Also I have heard that Graham Staine’s wife has been awarded with PadmaShree award.(Correct me if I am wrong).If it true then I want to ask the Indian goverment what she has done to India?If it is for service,there are so many swamijis who are doing service relentlessly in India.Why not for them?
    Rape,Killing who ever does that punish him.Law is same for all.If you are talking about the rape in Madhyapradesh some years ago,then it was a spice added by Missionaries.
    As you mentioned, this is not a hate speech.I believe, I have the rights to express my views and ask questions.I never looked an average christian as outsider.But I do so for Sonia & Co and the missionaries.They are outsiders.
    All I want is,our christian and muslim fellow citizens to accept and acknowledge that their forefathers were once Hindus.
    Average Christians/Muslims were never treated as outsiders by Hindus.An average Hindu will be ready to go to Church and offer prayers whereas an average Christian will not do the same thing.If Hindus think that your customs and names are different then they would not be ready to come to Church at all.The missionaries are converting people under the garb of service and that is justified according to many.If Nagas were so illiterate and backward and knew nothing and missionaries were the ones who opened their eyes and educated them,then they are solely responsible if Nagas ask for Independent state.If missionaries are really interested in their welfare,they should not have supported their idea of Independence.They should atleast come against it openly.I would be really surprised if they do it.Please get this..Missionaries are there for expansion.They don’t have any national interest in their mind except for western countries.I am equally worried when people like you also support their activities.
    I never said I am against average christian/Muslim/Sikh/Hindu.Khalistan conspiracy was not right.Indira Gandhi’s assasination was punishable and the killer was punished so also 4000 sikhs were burnt alive/killed/raped.It was punishable, but the sikhs have been waiting for justice for 25 years and Tytler roams freely.
    I only said the Church in Tripura supporting insurgents.I am not accusing all the churches.But at the same time, why the media has not highlighted about this Tripura church even once.At the same, they go overboard when BJP/VHP/RSS are involved in some controvery.Is this right?All I am asking is to see the truth and bring out the same.I also ask Media and its followers to be rational and not blind.
    Why only the Christian institutions are shutdown when no one was bothered to do the same for Kashmiri pandits?Is this not a planned,well thought out,deliberate attempt to get the world’s attention and sympathy?Please get to know both sides of the story before u let ur fingers run loose on the keyboard .
    What is wrong in giving an apology?Millions of people were killed/raped,this does not warrant an apology?Are you sure that VHP/RSS are forcefully converting people?I am saying that religion has become a business particularly christianity when you say what is wrong in lured conversion and the each commodity may cost differently based on their socio economic status.All I want is level playing field for all religions.Why the goverment intervenes only in temple funds and not in that of Church and mosque?
    The money given by Hindus in the temple are used for Haj pilfrimage and construction of churches and mosques.Why should Hindus tolerate this?On the one hand missioaries are converting Hindus by money and on the other hand the government in AP funding construction of churches with Temple money.I am certainly against the cancerous chief minister of AP, Samuel Reddy,a christian.
    Before anything came to India, India was following Sanathana Dharma,the vedic heritage which is later called as Hinduism by invaders.Yes.India was a Vedic Society.In other words it was Hindu society/Hindu Rashtra.Hinduism welcomed all the religions and allowed them to practise.It is only the converts who have forgotten that their real roots were from Hinduism are speaking ill of them.
    Arms,Money,Insurgent groups are applicable to Tripura Baptist church.There is no point in enlightening others unless one himself gets enlightenment.Pentocostalist and their AG church was responsible for the gutter writing in Satyadharshini.
    It is unfortunate if someone places money over GOD and it even more unfortunate when people like you say that it is their choice.Is it not greed to harvest more and more heathens?
    Finally,please set your mind clear and allow us to open our mouth for our rights for there is no non aligned goverment or media in India as of now.

    Comment by thecandideye — May 5, 2009 @ 2:02 AM | Reply

  5. @ Candideye . ur intentions are betrayed by ur words . You speak about killings , unnatural deaths and riots like its part and parcell of life in our country and an accepted way of jungle law and justice . Is this the way we Indians deal with each other ? U seem to forget we are all Indians . All u see is Chrisitian or Hindu or Muslim . Anyway ill answer u point for point in what seems to be ur confused counter arguement .

    Please give me facts and figures of how many Hindus were killed in Kandhamal . The Media is NOT controlled by the church or by chrisitans or by the pope. OK ?! So if the religiously unbiased indian and international media tends to report that Christians are getting killed in Orissa then please accept it and stop trying to counter it and justify it by saying that Hindus are also being killed ! How many Hindus were killed ?! The only hindu whom i know was killed was Swamy Lakshmananda ! Does the death of Lakshmananda justify the killing , rioting and displacement of thousands of christians in orissa ?! If the death of Lakshmananda does justify the anti christian riots according to u then what right do you have to point fingers at the Congress for the anti sikh riots after the assasination of Indira Gandhi ??!! Do u even realize the irony of your justifications ? Whats even funnier is ur accusation that hindus were actually killed in the anti christian orissa riots . Do christians stay in Ghettos like Muslims that they can attack hindus venturing or staying in christian areas ? Hindus outnumber Christians 95:5 in Orissa , I think anybody with common sense would understand which community would face the brunt of an attack in Anti Christian Riots ! Incase u didnt , heres a clue . Since the christians are such a small minority , during anti christian mob riots orchestrated by Right wing extremist hindus , the chrisitan population would be routed !

    U go on to further accuse chrisitans of being maoist ! lol . Maoism or Communism cannot have parrallel ideological aims with ANY religion ! Please learn what their ideology is first . Communist/ Maoist/ Naxals do not have a religious agenda . They are anti religious ! Maoists have over run the only Hindu Kingdom in the World – Nepal . Is that also because of Christians ? Naxals have an over whelming majority of Hindus in its ranks . Does that mean that all Hindus and Hindu ideology is very close to the Naxalite movement ?! Your accusations are wild to say the least. I would request you to read up , mingle with people of other communities esp chrisitans and learn and understand what we are about . Its obvious u havnt . Chrisitans dont give a damn about religion . We only care when it comes to customs and some rituals because of our Society . I dont care if my friends are chrisitan , hindu or muslim as long as i get along with them and i have never met a single christian or a hindu who acted differently . But it seems there exists Hindus like you as well !

    Gramham Staines was an australian missonary who worked for the upliftment of leprosy patients in orissa for a very long time . He spoke fluent oriya and established one of the first leprosy centres in orissa. He was burnt alive in his jeep while he slept with his two sons , one aged 9 , the other aged 7 . Their names were Phillip and Timothy. They were burnt alive by a Sangh Parivar mob led by Dara Singh a Bajrang Dal activist . I dont know nor do i care if his wife Gladys won the Padma Shree . But i would like to inform you that both Gramham Staines and his wife have been working with leprosy patients in Orissa since 1981 ! I would like to know how many leprosy patients u have touched , let alone worked with . By recieving thePadmashree Award will she get her back her husband and her 2 young sons ? How can u be so heartless and crude in justifiying ur religious bullshit ?

    Which swamis are doing what service and for whom ? Please bring them to light so that we may all know of what great humanitarian causes they champion . Someone like Mother Teresa , a catholic missionary ? Missonaries adding spice by accusing people of rape in Madhya Pradesh ? Do u think that is their job ? To accuse people of rape just for the fun of it ? Btw i was not talking about Madhya Pradesh but Orissa where a nun from Kerala was gang raped by a Sangh Parivar led mob after breaking into a church . Nuns if ur not aware are a female catholic order and their vow to God is that of celibicy and service to people . That means staying a virgin and dedicating their lives to God and to the well being of people . Do u understand how outraged catholics would feel when we hear of a nun being gang raped by goons whom u support ?! What is the point of having laws and courts in this land when we have citizens like you who support the actions of animals ?!

    You want christians to accept and acknowledge that their forefather are chrisitans ?! What makes you think chrisitans dont ? All chrisitans are converts ! Jesus Christ came into this world around 2033 years ago ! Islam came after that ! Religions like Hinduism existed way before that ! My hindu caste name in Prabhu and I hail from Udupi close to Mangalore. We have been chrisitans for 400 odd years but we have records since the time my forefathers were practising Hindus ! Why am i even telling you this ?! Why do i need to acknowledge that my forefathers were Hindu ? For whom ? You ? Why ? Is it because only then will you accept that we christans are as Indian as a Hindu ? When was being Indian ever about how Hindu you are or were ? Arnt we all Hindus ? Dont we all speak the same language ? Eat the same food ? Have the same blood the runs thru our veins ? Even though our religions and Gods maybe different our customs overlapp each other ! Yet u ask us minorities to acknowledge that we were once hindus ! What proof do you have of how Hindu u are ? Are u sure ur not an afghan import with mixed british ancestory ? Even if u are does that make u Un – Indian ?! Heard of Anglo – Indians ? Grow up man ! Stop thinking about religon for once in your life and think about PEOPLE ! NOT HINDU , CHRISITAN , MUSLIM , PARSI etc . get that in ur head .

    Who told u Christians dont go to temples ? Ive visited so many temples i cant even count ! U know what your problem is ? you paint everybody with the same brush . Chrisitans generally repesct all religions , there maybe a few rotten apples amongst them but u cant paint a whole community with the same brush just because of that . It would wrong of me to look at all Hindus as anti – chrisitan religious bigots just because of the statements of a few hindus like u !

    With regards to you blaming chrisitans for the Naga insurgency , let me explain a few things to u since u seem so confused . If nagaland got independence where would it be ? Between India , China and Burma . Who do you think would swollow it first ? Burma i would guess . Nobody wants that , not even the Nagas . The church of Tripura is an Independent Church . It is indivisually run by probably a Naga pastor who would probably be sympathetic to the Naga cause and yes Nagas do have cause to be disgruntled with India and other Indians . I have already explained why in my previous post but ill post it again for you benifit incase u misunderstand me “The majority of mainland Indians refer to North Eastern people as Chinese or Chingy , their language is quite different from the most other Indian languages and they arnt readily accepted into Mainstream India. Maybe these are the reason for them wanting seperation and Independence . Maybe they are seeking out their identy and respect for their identity as well . We should learn to respect and treat them like proper full blooded Indians just like you would treat a guy from Bombay or Delhi .” To add to that , how much development do u see in the north east compared to mainland india ? A train journey there takes so long its not even funny , they are ethnically closer to burma and thailand then India ! And we dont make them feel very India or proud to be North Eastern either ! They have to leave their cities and villages and come and work not in Calcutta but in Delhi and Bangalore or Bombay if they wish to achieve something in life ! What has the Indian govt. done for their development ? I do not support their cause but there must be a reason behind it , and its defenately not a religious one . If that was the case Goa would have been an independent country !

    Persecute the people supporting violent armed struggle , but how dumb can you get when you blame all christians for a tribal economically related insurgency ?!

    I dont support chrisitan missonaries , infact i cant remember the last time i went to church , i like to think of myself as an a-religious catholic . But i can tell you this , missonaries arnt nationalist or anti national . They are religious zealiots . All they are bothered about is their God , following the rules of their religious order , serving the poor and the needy , spreading the message of their God and taking care of other chrisitans . That is all ! Your just getting paranoid man . Christians are as partiotic as any other religious community in India . I have many relatives who have served in the armed forces and i know of many chrisitans who have done a great serive to our countries citizens thru govt. serive . Let me also tell you i do not support conversions , most of them largely conducted by evangalical and pentacostal groups but i do know that they do not force people to convert . They tempt people , people who tempt you with money and material benifits to worship a god cannot be chrisitans or even religious , but if converts are fooled or choose to convert then that is their personal choice or folly ! Probably they dont even think of it as a mistake but they really need the money or they really believe in what those converters tell them ! Probably the missonaries are providing them with education , food , health care , etc which the NGOs and Govt. Org. arnt able to provide or even reach their remote tribal areas , so those people feel it is better to convert and avail the benifits . It is not a crime to convert to any religion ! Religious is very personal matter and i like it to stay that way . I dont want to know why u converted or what religion u follow as long u havnt been forced to do what u are doing . I have the freedom to worship any god i like or worship none at all . Who are you or anybody else to tell me about it ?

    I have already answered ur sikh riot thing in the begining . Think about it . Courts arnt able to convict Jagdesh Tytler , is that the fault of Hindus , the Congress , Sikhs or the Prosecutors ?!

    What relation does Christian Institutions being closed down by the BJP have with Kashmiri Pundits being chased out of Kashmir by Extremism Muslim Kashmiris ? What are u trying to say ? Yes the govt. should have strongly supported and protected the Kashmiri Pundits in Kashmir but i dont understand why that didnt happen . Indira Gandhi is a Kashmiri Pundit so i dont understand why the Congress didnt stop it , maybe they couldnt . Anyway i dont understand the relation u were trying to pull between the two .

    What is wrong is apologising ?! Well nothing is wrong . But there are exceptions . Ill give u one example , after Catholic Churches were ransaked and catholics attacked in Mangalore the VHP conveyor and spokesman called a press conference in which he apologised for the attack on catholic churches because his goons didnt know the difference between catholics and pentacostal chrisitans and their respective churches ! Do you think catholics in mangalore will ever forgive him or the BJP ? Will it take away the memory which is fresh in our minds ? If u want proof of the same i will provide u with it .

    If u think the media is biased then do something about it ! The media is not controlled by chrisitans so stop blaming us for things that they do not wish to report according to you which might probably even not be true !

    Who the hell told you your money goes into building churches ? Please come up with proof before making baseless accusations ! Regarding HAJ , its not just ” Hindu ” tax money thats used , even “Christian” tax money is used for the same . Chrisitians pay tax as well for your kind information . Im getting disgusted with this Hindu – Christians crap but i guess when talking to religious bigots like you this is bound to happen .

    Where do we speak ill about Hindus ?! how many times do i have to keep repeating this ?! Hindus and christians are the same ! Only our gods , our names , our eating preferences and some customs are different ! Hindus are the most tolerant peace loving community in the world i think but unfortunately this is changing because of paranoia and fear setting in . Example : You .

    Chrisitans mean no Hindus any harm . There are some religious bigot evangalical christians who will enter your house , offer to pray for you or a sick relative and then tell u to remove the idols in your house . This happened to a good friend of mine who is a hindu . My friend was polite and said “no i cannot do that” . I would have kicked that evangalist out ! Those evangalist dont mean u any physical harm , they are just under the impression that there is only one god and no one else should be worshipped except him ! Understand what they think , only then can u react in a normal way . I suggest u read the bible once . The bible is very similar to the koran atleast most if it . But there is a big difference in the way muslims and christians behave . Why ? I think its only after you have read these books that you will understand why , probably u will also understand what goes on in the heads of ultra religious christians who are few and ultra religious muslims who are many. There is a reason for that as well . Can u tell me why ? And before u ask yes i have read hindu religious books but only the simplified story like ones , i find the english translated bhagwat gita a little heavy and hard to understand but ill try and get my hands on a simplified version and go throught it some time soon .

    I donno if ive helped change ur mind about the average christian , i really dont know why u dislike them so much . U dislike the media as well , for what reasons i dont know either . I also get that u are a BJP , RSS , VHP , Bajrang Dal supporter and u are also a hard right wing supporter . I have most probably failed in my quest to make u understand things and see the light but i hope atleast a little of what i say gets to u . Do u know what i speak off ? Respect for Human Life : Christian , Hindu or Muslim . Respect for Religion : Christian , Hindu or Muslim . Respect for customs and tradition , however different they are from yours . Religious freedom and trust in all communities and religions cas irrespective of which community or religion we belong to we are all indians . Jai Hind !

    Comment by Indian — May 5, 2009 @ 4:06 PM | Reply

  6. ps: Swamy Lakshmananda was killed by Maoist . Not christians ! Practicing christians cannot claim to be maoist , because maoists are anti – religious !

    Comment by Indian — May 5, 2009 @ 4:36 PM | Reply

  7. @ Indian:-
    dude, would you please write in short! your comments are longer than the posted blog article!
    you are mis-interpreting the statements applicable to christian fanatics(missionaries) as applicable to all christians. read the disclaimer.
    you also say that you are against the missionaries, so where is the point of argument. we need to unite against fanaticism of all religions. we don’t support the fanatic activities of hinduism either.
    and since you call yourself from a different, more peaceful sect of christianity, why don’t you go and educate your missionary brothers first? It is they who are spoiling the image of christian community, not hindus.
    before criticizing the caste system and other problems with Hinduism, go correct problems with Christianity.

    Comment by Abhay — May 5, 2009 @ 7:44 PM | Reply

  8. @Indian
    Can you shed your pseudo name and comment with your original name hereafter.We know you are an Indian and there is no need to trumpet it.Have you read the disclaimer as Abhay asked?.If not please read it.If you have read it,you will not indulge in mad accusation like this.

    Read the below articles and see if it makes sense to you:
    Your unbiased secular NDTV has not mentioned this information at all.
    Gang rape of nun was an allegation.If it true, then it is punishable act.The gang raped nun is missing ever since she was reportedly raped,fearing testimony and DNA test.
    But why the media is not reporting that Hindus were also affected if they are secular as per your argument.
    See if this makes sense
    What is happening in Karnatka?Please educate yourself by reading these news:
    When things are like this in Karnataka,you are saying there is nothing wrong in closure of schools because of Orissa riots.They can condemn and protest and they have the rights for the same.Who the hell are they to close the schools even if it is run by them??Are you not getting aid from the govt?Why did they not close for Gujarat riots/Nandigram incidents?This is nothing but adding spice to the problem.Are they not communal?Kasmiri pandits are still struggling to get their voter’s id and they are not given a proper water, accomodation in refugees camp.Are they protesting?Yes by peaceful means which will not affect the normal life of other people.

    I think you are person who is afraid to face the truth and spew venom on the people who are for the truth.If you still say, that christians were at the receiving end in Orissa/Mangalore, then I am not ready to waste my time arguing with a half baked fool like you.I am freezing my argument with this last one.

    Comment by thecandideye — May 6, 2009 @ 12:08 AM | Reply

  9. @abhay . nobody is asking you to read my post . if u find it too long skip it ! I am not misreading any statement . It clearly categorises and accuses all christians of being insurgents who support anti national causes , hindu haters , gun runners and people who have no better job other than to falsely accuse rioters of damaging their property and raping women amongst various other things . From all these posts we have exchanged i have come to realize that India is country so fragile with a majority population so insecure that the slightest paranoia of a threat to them in the form of conversion or whatever makes them – with the support and cries of their anti national right wing leaders makes them take up arms and attack minorities . U talk of educating christian missonaries into understand ur problems with conversion , let me shortly add that my particualr community does not indulge in conversions yet we are wrongly targetted , and since you talk about educating christian missonaries – how about you and ur supporters having TALKS and DISCUSSIONS with them instead of advocating mob violence against them .

    @candideye why dont you reveal your name first instead of asking me to reveal mine ! lol . I am extremely happy to note that u accept that i am an Indian , I am touched , but i will stick to the name indian lest u forget i am one and start branding me by my religion 🙂

    With relation to ur first link from the which itself is a biased Right Wing media organization . I would give no credibility to any report from such sort of biased media . Why dont u follow what our unbiased media reports and says instead of publishing , discussing and believing what juicy masala report ur biased media reports ?

    With relaiton to the Daijiworld link if it is true i am at a loss of words . There are such kind of rotten apples in every community , thankfully they are a small minority . Since you have bought it to our notice can you also tell us how the rest of the investigation and prosecution has progressed , quoting unbiased media sources please .

    You then go on to post the blog of VS Acharya a bonfide joker in the BJP cabinet . When the BJP looses power in Karnataka and they will , if will be largely because of him . Christians have existed in the Konkan region for about 2000 years , we have had a peaceful co existance , espcially Orthodox Mar Thomite Christians mostly in Kerala and Catholics mostly in Kasargoad , Mangalore , Udupi , Karwar , Bangalore etc. Why this sudden violence ? I will tell u why . The Bajrang Dal , VHP and RSS goons decide to attack ALL churches and christians in Mangalore because of some booklet which critisizes hindus ALLEGEDLY published by some pentacostal member . So what was the Right Wing response ? ATTACK ALL CHRISTIANS ! The repurcussion of what followed can be seen in the pictures of arachyas blog .

    With relation to chrsitan school closing down for a day in protest . Have you heard of Unaided and Aided Schools ?! If the catholic community is being targetting by Right Wing Hindu destroyers like the RSS/VHP etc , the Unaided Catholic or other Christian institutions reserve the right to protest by shutting down for a day for being violently targetted ! Aided Schools also reserve the right to protest if the property and mangament belongs to them and not the Govt. ! Its not like they are discriminating against non chrsitan students !

    All this talk about churches being burnt and targetting of christians is all non sense . Lets talk about how many mosques hindus have vandalised and broken down and how the whole of India is still paying the price for Babri Masjid , Gujrat , Malegaon etc . You have now found a soft target in christians . Muslims are too hot for ur right wing orgs to handle . If things continue at this rate and chrsitians continue to be targetted by Right Wing Orgs then expect the victims to indulge in violence as well !

    I guess fools like you never learn from history . And please stop crying about the Kashmiri Pundits ! What the hell are you doing to help them anyway ?!

    Comment by Indian — May 6, 2009 @ 9:14 AM | Reply

  10. here is an unbiased media link for u .

    Comment by Indian — May 6, 2009 @ 10:29 AM | Reply

  11. @ Amit:- dude, read comment 4. The article is not written out of any anger against Christians. However, the Hindus have been so much goody goody in their expressions, that a little bit of direct words look like as if Someone is Angry!

    @ Indian:- Hello Mr. … This is a blog co-authored by me. Read the about page. If you wish to post so long comments, start your own blog, I won’t care to read it. Also one more instance of measuring our intelligence with yours, and the comments will be deleted outright. stick to factual details and clear evidences and simple common sense logic. any personal comments and emotional outbursts are not welcome here.

    Anything expressed for a Hindu is right wing is it!? By this token you are a right wing Christian activist.

    Dude. mentioning this for last time. If you get it, great. We are against all fanatics. Including Hinduism. We don’t support the destruction of churches and other activities. I hope you will be with us for understanding our side of coin, when you are talking about christian aggression on Hindus. If you are supporting them, then there is no further discussion.

    Comment by Abhay — May 6, 2009 @ 4:50 PM | Reply

  12. @ Indian:- I am happy you sent the CNN video. But it was already known to us. The churches did get destroyed. Known truth. And we don’t supprt any such activity. Now are you open minded to look at the other side of coin of what happened in Kandhamaal.
    There is other side of the coin too. Please do us a favor by also sending the atrocities on Hindus in Kandhamaal. You are only highlighting the problems faced by Christians, denying those faced by Hindus.

    Comment by Abhay — May 6, 2009 @ 5:04 PM | Reply

  13. Yes it ur blog and u have every right to do what u wish with it . U have kept the comments option open , if i am posting nonsense or spam u are right in deleting it , however here i am having a discussion , if u wish to delete my post it will only show u in a bad light . The CNN link i sent to you was what happened in Mangalore . What happened in Orissa is a seperate incident that also involves targetting of christians . I am a Mangalorean , i know what happened in Mangalore . I am not from Orissa nor have I have never been there . Are u from Orissa ? Have u been there during the riots ? I doubt it . What makes u think u know something differnt that what i know ? The only information I and 99% of the population have got about what happened in Orissa is thru the media . Secular largely unbiased english media ranging from NDTV to Headlines Today to CNN IBN to TIMES NOW and News X reported large scale orchestrated attacks on christians and churches , both in Orissa and Mangalore orchestrated by the RSS/VHP and Bajrang Dal. I do not trust the source from which u qoute that report i.e. The Organizer . I have never heard of that media reporting house before and it is defunately biased in its reporting as is easily known from just viewing its articles and its site . It clearly supports the BJP . Talking about Hindus doesnt make u a right winger . Supporting violent hindus against a the entire minortiy community in the name of religion is Radical Right Wing . Yes ? What christian agression on hindus are u talking about ? lets take u down point for point .

    Is conversion a violent act ? No . Even if it involves bribing it isnt a violent or forceful act .

    Swamy Lakshmananda was killed by Maoists by their own admission . Not christians .

    Printing of booklets defaming hinduism is very wrong and inflamatory if done by pentacostal fools as alleged by hindu right wing agitators . Did the pentacostals indulge in violence while allegedly distributing the booklets ? No .

    What christian agression are u talking about ? Dont confuse Naga insurgency with christian aggression just because the majority of the Naga agressors happen to be christian !

    On the accusation of christian converts in orissa attacking hindus i find this highly ridiculous . What is the percentage and ratio of hindus to christians in khandhamal ? When u say Christians caused alot of damage to hindus as well it is like saying a small group of ants came and killed a human being . The ants may bite the human when attacked but they will defunately not be able to kill the human being . Which is why u see so many christians displaced , their houses burnt to the ground , their women raped and men killing . Today they live in refugee camps . Is this also a bougus news report by “biased” mainstream media newspapers like Times of India , the Hindu , Indian Express , DNA etc ??!! Anyway it seems that i am not getting my point across. Ur problem with conversion does not justify attacking and killing christians or vandalizing churches like the BJP govt . in karnataka states and supports. Hope this election gives u a sound reply to this politics of hate that the BJP VHP RSS and Bajrang Dal support . Please reply in a point by point manner if u wish to keep this discussion open .

    Comment by Indian — May 6, 2009 @ 6:39 PM | Reply

  14. @ Indian:- No I don’t wish to discuss anything further. Thanks for your comments. Bye.

    Comment by Abhay — May 6, 2009 @ 7:58 PM | Reply

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