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April 25, 2009

No apologies for Bofors; it was a lie says Rahul Gandhi aka Liar

After reading this interesting piece of information on Rahul aka Diaper Gandhi’s answer to one of the questions thrown at him by a journalist, I could not contain my laughter for long time.Thank you so much Diaper Gandhi for your expresssive face and clenching teeth.Rahul aka Diaper Gandhi loses his cool!!

It is also to be noted whenever he smiles,even her Spanish girl friend Juvenita feels uneasiness and sometimes frowns.See the photo.So Rahul..Oh…sorry..Diaper Gandhi..please frown a lot and make funny faces like these so that people of India can laugh at your clumsiness and general knowledge.

Excerpts from the post starts here with my emphasis.

Congress general secretary (??)Rahul  aka Diaper Gandhi Saturday described the Bofors kickback allegations against his family as lies indulged in by non-Congress governments and asserted he saw no reason to apologise on the issue.Can Diaper Gandhi care to read this?

Even though you repeatedly saying you and your mother Antonia  have not not done anything, the courts have given vedict on this issue and your uncle Quattrocchi(your mother’s close associate) had received money from Bofors kickback and they have even given the bank names and account numbers.Diaper Gandhi – Grow up!!

The normally unflappable Gandhi lost his cool momentarily when a woman journalist said he stood on a pile of rubbish as far as the allegations against his family on the Bofors gun controversy and the anti-Sikh riots were concerned.

Unflappable – Yes.He had been unflappable while partying and dating Juvenita.But there is not going to be fun anymore in politics.Congress chamchas,mother Antonia,Deedhi Bianca or girl friend Juvenita will not come to your rescue.You need to change your Diaper by yourself.

“I don’t appreciate terminology that you stand on a pile of rubbish. That’s not nice word usage,” he told the questioner who asked whether he will apologise for the Bofors kickbacks rows that rocked India in the late 1980s.Yes Mr.Rahul – The journalist should have said like this “You are standing on a pile of Diapers”.Then you would have said “That’s a nice word usage”.She is not correct in this case and has overestimated you.

“There’s absolutely nothing that I have to apologise on Bofors,” he said. “It’s a complete lie. And it’s a lie used by opposition governments for 20 years. So there is absolutely nothing I have to apologise for about that.”  See the deperation in your speech yourself.Yes, there is absolutely nothing you have to apologise.Only punishment will help you gain your senses.If that is not done, you may end up being questioned for Diaper kickback controversy in future.        

The Bofors controversy relating to kickbacks allegedly received by persons close to the Gandhi family for the defence purchase during the prime ministership of Rajiv Gandhi became a national issue and was one of the causes for the Congress losing power in 1989.          

The Bofors howitzer deal was a $1.4 billion contract signed between the Rajiv Gandhi government and A.B. Bofors of Sweden for supplying 410 field howitzers and accessories to the Indian Army. The deal was signed March 24, 1986.   



  1. hahaha! that video was hilarious!! India Bigger than US!?!? :)) how this fela got over 4th standard? Its quite a joke that congress is projecting him as India’s future youth icon!

    Comment by Abhay — April 26, 2009 @ 12:10 PM | Reply

  2. Close this chapter follow as under_

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    Orissa High Court

    Dear beloved friends,

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    After equalization, there will not be a single piece of agricultural land un-utilized. All the nations including India can able to provide free medical care, free shelter, free education, and free light along with 100% job opportunities. Please Make India and other poor nations as developed countries at par with others. Please communicate all of your friends to extend their co-operation for equalization to develop the Indian economy along with other nations to eradicate poverty in toto, which is quite possible.

    Please make of your mind for equalization to develop the economy of India along with all the nations.
    Yours truly,

    Comment by Sambhunath Tiadi — September 5, 2009 @ 1:43 PM | Reply

    • Putting past under carpet is not acceptable.

      how can currencies be equal when their production and quality is not?

      Comment by Abhay — September 9, 2009 @ 1:52 PM | Reply

  3. India is a cprrupt country. I can cite thousand of cases. Even the who raise voice agaist Bofors, he himself is corrupt.99% political leaders are corrupt. Can any one give a name, who has not involved in corruptions. I can proo it that the man who has voiced against bofors he himself is a cheater, not gandhi family.

    Comment by Sambhunath Tiadi — September 5, 2009 @ 1:47 PM | Reply

    • Its not true that all of India is a corrupt country. I am not corrupt, and I am Indian.

      If you wish to file case on those who raise voice in Bofors matters, you are welcome to do so.

      And that doesn’t exclude anyone who has done corruption under Bofors matters, even if he/she is from the royal family.

      Finally, ignorance about national matters is un pardonable for someone who is prospecting to be leader of nation.

      Comment by Abhay — September 9, 2009 @ 1:55 PM | Reply

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