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April 25, 2009

Christian Appropriation of Yoga!

Masquerading another person’s work as one’s own is illegal and punishable act under copyrights violation.Cindy Senarighi, a kleptomaniac, calls herself as christian yogini.Though yoga is inseparable from India & Hinduism,Yoga devotion company co-founded by Cindy Senaighi along with Robin Norsted,teaches the christianised yoga classes.In Senarighi’s yoga classes, the Sun God has been baptised as Son (of God) and Sun Salutation is being taught as Son Salutation.Om has become Amen.Reports say that christian yoga was introduced as ealry as 1962 for evangelical purposes.Time had run an article on this.

These kleptomaniacs say that traditional yoga is missing the spritual quotient and thus it is necessary to chritianise yoga.But what do these people mean by christianisation of yoga?They follow each and every postures and breath patterns in the same order as being taught in the traditonal yoga classes conducted by Hindu institutes.The only difference are name changes.In 1989, the Vatican issued a notice to all the bishops of Catholic churces saying that “Eastern practises such as yoga can degenerate into a cult of the body and can lead surreptitiously to considering all bodily sensations as spiritual experiences”.

Yoga being a  multi million dollor industry will do only harm to the participants pratising the christianised form of yoga and the owners of these companies would not mind masquerading or appropriation of yoga for the sake of money and popularity and Evangelical purposes.You can teach the Hindu traditional yoga and still earn money and feel close to God.Christianised yoga on the other side will not give rise to spritual awakening as yoga mandates certain rules(Yama) and disciplines(Niyama).One of the Yamas is truth which is absent in Christian yoga.Christian yoga, invented for Evangelical purposes will do only harm to people who practise it.When more and more people are opting for de-baptism all over the world, these people are baptising the Indian Hindu Yoga.Will this nonsense be stopped?

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  1. haha! can’t but stop laughing! this is such a childish attitude and shows an intellect stuck in concepts, words.

    If they could, missionaries would Baptise everything, calling it Christian Engineering, Christian Medicine, … Take the name of Jesus and then only fix the car! It just shows the sense of insecurity they have…

    The de-Baptism movement is interesting! They are standing up against forceful dose of Christianity belief being put down the throat! The linked article says, the Bus hoarding said, believe in Jesus or you will go to hell.. Other day someone came up with a saying, There is probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life!

    What can be cause of worry is church entering into politics… Again the linked article says,… Pope Benedict XVI stirred global controversy on a trip to AIDS-ravaged Africa by saying condom use could further spread of the disease…. how ridiculous!

    Comment by Abhay — April 26, 2009 @ 11:33 AM | Reply

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