The Candid Eye

April 19, 2009

Kandahar Issue – What really happened?

One of the issues that Congress leaders(??) take up nowadays against BJP is Kandahar plane hijack.But what really happened?More information on this is available here.The NSG commandoes were not on time and a passenger Rupin Katyal was killed while the flight was in Amritsar.Later it took off and landed in Lahore where it was refuelled.Pakistan as usual did not help India on getting the hostages out of the plane.Finally the flight landed in Kandahar.Now just think of those 200 passengers as hostages in Kandahar and their families back in India.An emergency meeting was called for and the decision to release 3 terrorists was agreed unanimously by ruling and opposing party members.Even P Chidambaram supported this decision.Please see here & here. Atleast in this case PC has spoken the truth and against Sonia’s accusations on BJP for Kandahar isssue.Later on April 15th, he said something else which is totally different from the previous version of his speech.Does PC suffers from Selective amnesia as Sanjay in Ghajini movie?If so, PC, who is your Kalpana?It is to be noted that the flight was in Taliban controlled area.Nobody would dare to go there.P Chidambaram has gone one step further and says “If I was the homeminister, I would not accept”. What would you have not accepted PC?Going to Kandahar at the risk of your own life?Definitely, you wouldn’t have accepted that.Jaswant Singh was right in doing so,because you did not know what would happen if all the terrorists reached safely and the hostages got killed.To ensure a fair exchange between Taliban, a responsible shrewd leader is needed from government.Compare this act with your Sonia Gandhi’s escape to Rome with Rajiv Gandhi during 1971 war fearing she might get hurt.P Chidambaram proves time and again that he is a sycophant of Sonia.Why PC and Sonia are silent on union minister, Mufti Muhammed’s daughter Rubaiya Sayeed Kidnapping drama in 1989 and subsequent release of 5 deadly terrorists.How come lives of 200 people is not so important than one Union minister daughter’s?1 Rubiya Sayeed = 5 deadly terrorists.Compare this with “200 innocent Indians = 3 deadly terrorists”.Is this not a better deal than a previous one,though it is not a right one?


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