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April 1, 2009

Kashmiri Pandits – The brave souls!!!

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When Kashmiri Pandits are driven out of their homeland and have become as refugees in their own country,the Bangladeshi infiltrators are enjoying citizen status and deciding the outcome of the polls in India.The ineffective policies of Central government all these years, minority appeasement and vote bank politics has led India to this present day situation.In spite of their plight and misery for these many years, the congress led secular government, the mainstream media of our country, the notable writers, intellectuals not bothered to notice and acknowledge this lest they offend the feelings of Muslims.The voices raised for Kashmiri Pandits plight are termed as “COMMUNAL”, “HINDUTVA” or “PROPAGANDA”.There is a limit to hypocrisy and in today’s India it is rampant,unchallenged and welcomed by majority of the people who claim themselves as secularists.

Kashmiri Pandit’s plight:

Kasmiri Pandit’s ethnic cleansing Part 1:

Kashmiri Pandit’s ethnic cleansing Part 2:


Now that the central government has almost sold Kashmir to separatists by its ineffective and petty vote bank politics. The government along with secular media and intellectuals are not ready to accept the truth that they were driven out by Muslims.Even after 12 years, these people are still struggling to get their names to be included in the voters list.

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