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March 30, 2009

Is Congress selling India to Pakistan??

When Britishers left India in 1947 after their brutal rule,the All India Congress Company took over that job from Britishers.Since then by playing divide and rule policy based on caste and religion, they have successfully ruined India so far. This company seems to have stricken a deal with Pakistan and ISI, by allowing illegal immigrants, ISI agents from Bangladesh to infiltrate, and create security threat to India.As of today there are around 5 crore illegally infiltrated Bangladeshi Muslims in India who play important and deciding role in elections. The company CEO Antonia not only accommodated and provided shelter but also given voters id for them so that they play a major role in winning elections in muslim dominated constituencies for her company.A Bangladeshi Muslim not only infiltrated but also contested in LS polls in Assam.Here are the details: 1st & 2nd.Our puppet prime minister Manmohan Singh has not even uttered a word on this burning issue even once, even though he is an elected Rajya Sabha member from Assam.Why ? Is he afraid he will irk Muslims of the state?Meanwhile,more than 500 acres of land has been encroached by Bangladesh and around 900 Vaishnava monasteries have been encroached by Muslims thus threatening existence of natives and their safety. The IMDT Act, introduced by then congress government in 1983, was illegal and later termed as unconstitutional by Supreme court after 22 years.This one stupid act has resulted a huge threat to security of our country. The intruders not only pushed out the natives but also involved in dacoity, raping Hindu women, smuggling of idols and antiquities and hoisting Pakistan flag in front of government administrative office.See the shocking video from Timesnow channel:

While the ruling congress party of Assam and police kept quite as usual when it comes to dealing with Muslims.Times Now has charged HUJI for this act and failed to make an attempt to inquire the infiltrated muslims.

and this video below,says something else.

When the ruling congress party and police don’t want to voice their opinion against Muslims because they lose their vote bank(40 assembly seats are determined by illegal immigrants) , secular media in India is busy providing only half truth about the most graver problems like this, there is no wonder that majority of the people in India are not aware of the real problems that India is facing today.

Mr.Tarun Kumar Gogai and puppet minister Manmohan Singh are busy in boot licking Antonia Maino while thousands of Hindus are pushed out, driven out which has been their homeland since 16th century, their women are raped.Do these people not deserve any justice in their motherland, just because they are Hindus and not needed for vote bank politics?The minister for pink chaddi walas being busy in pub bharo andolan and entertaining congress men doesn’t really care about anything unless until it has something to do with BJP. Does hoisting Pakistan flag in an Indian state(Assam) looted by AICC(All India Congress Company) not warrant an inquiry or counter statement from Congress netas and babes??The following documentary film “The Bangla Crescent” by TV producer Mayank Jain on Bangladeshi infiltration shows gravity of the situation. Though it is bit long, it is worth watching.

Is Pakistan trying split India to create Mughalistan and the congress government political milieu is favoring that? Please check this URL!!

If plight of Kashmiri Pandits does not make us to act,then our children, if not we will be beaten,molested,raped,converted or killed,made as refugees in own country or driven out.

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